Top 10 Naked Motorbikes

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If you want a bike that looks modern, can go fast, is agile in the bends and which sacrifices some wind protection and luggage options to save weight then you probably want a naked bike. What is a naked motorbike?

The Best Naked Motorbikes:

Kawasaki Z H2

Kawasaki Z H2 For Sale

The Z H2 is new for 2020 and should tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people, mainly because it's derived from the excellent H2 SX SE sports tourer and makes use of the same supercharged engine.

There's a fancy colour TFT dash, quickshifter and Brembos at the front.

  • Engine: Inline 4
  • Capacity: 998 cc
  • Power: 197 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 830 mm
  • Wet Weight: 239 kg
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Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S For Sale

For 2020 Ducati whipped the fairing off the awesome Panigale V4 sports bike to produce the Streetfighter, which is also available as a cheaper version without the forged wheels or Ohlins electronic suspension.

Compared to the Panigale it has a more relaxed riding position, comfier seat, slightly de-tuned engine optimised for the road and double wings either side which can generate 28kg of downforce at 168mph.

  • Engine: V4
  • Capacity: 1,103 cc
  • Power: 205 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 845 mm
  • Wet Weight: 199 kg

KTM 1290 Super Duke R

KTM 1290 Super Duke R For Sale

The Beast 3.0 is completely new for 2020 with a new lighter frame, upgraded brakes and suspension, improved cornering ABS / traction control systems, new lighter wheels with stickier tyres a huge 6 kg shaved off the weight.

  • Engine: V-Twin
  • Capacity: 1,301 cc
  • Power: 177 bhp
  • Licence: A1
  • Seat Height: 835 mm
  • Dry Weight: 189 kg

Yamaha MT-10 SP

Yamaha MT-10 SP For Sale

The original Yamaha MT-10 was a huge hit so the SPecial version was bound to show up soon after in 2017.

Yamaha's MT-10 SP builds on the original with a fancy R1 style colour TFT dash, a special colour scheme and Ohlins NIX30/TTX36 electronic suspension.

The engine isn't the most powerful out there but is renowned for being extremely capable, while the wind protection is surprisingly good for a naked bike, however there is a downside and it's fuel economy. Read the review.

  • Engine: Inline 4
  • Capacity: 998 cc
  • Power: 158 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 825 mm
  • Wet Weight: 210 kg

BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R For Sale

In 2013 the BMW S1000R was game changing, with 162bhp on tap and weighing in at just 205kg wet.

However the model is getting on a bit now, even with a mini update in 2017 that throws in the HP Titanium muffler for free.

  • Engine: Inline 4
  • Capacity: 999 cc
  • Power: 162 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 814 mm
  • Wet Weight: 205 kg

Triumph Speed Triple RS

Triumph Speed Triple RS For Sale

The top of the range Speed Triple RS is more evolution than revolution with a new colour TFT dash, refined engine, cornering ABS and a little bit knocked off the weight.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing though because the Speed Triple has been a great seller for Triumph and it has quite a following in the UK.

  • Engine: Triple
  • Capacity: 1,050 cc
  • Power: 148 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 825 mm
  • Dry Weight: 189 kg

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Yamaha MT-09 SP

Yamaha MT-09 SP For Sale

Much like the MT-10 SP the MT-09 SP takes the 2017 update of the best selling MT-09 and adds a few bits to make it SPecial, specifically a mix of Ohlins/KYB suspension upgrades and a fancy colour scheme.

It should make an already awesome bike even better but Yamaha have clearly decided not to include a colour TFT dash to save a few pennies. Read the review.

  • Engine: Triple
  • Capacity: 847 cc
  • Power: 114 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 820 mm
  • Wet Weight: 193 kg

Triumph Street Triple RS

Triumph Street Triple RS For Sale

The Street Triple RS is really popular in Triumph's range and for 2020 it's been made Euro 5 compliant with an improved mid-range, new LED headlight, new bodywork / exhaust / mirrors and a new quickshifter.

  • Engine: Triple
  • Capacity: 765 cc
  • Power: 121 bhp
  • Licence: A
  • Seat Height: 840 mm
  • Dry Weight: 166 kg

Kawasaki Z900

Kawasaki Z900 For Sale

Kawasaki introduced the Z900 in 2017 to replace the ageing Z800 and there's also an A2 licence friendly restricted version. For 2020 it gets a TFT dash, comfier seat, LED lighting all round, traction control, two power modes and improved tyres.

  • Engine: Inline 4
  • Capacity: 948 cc
  • Power: 124 bhp
  • Licence: A2 (Restricted)
  • Seat Height: 820 mm
  • Wet Weight: 210 kg

Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha MT-07 For Sale

Yamaha's MT-07 needs no introduction. Over 80,000 of the original have been sold so for 2018 Yamaha simply tweaked a few bits to make it even better.

The headlight design is all new, the seat more comfortable and a few bits are blacked out for a more edgy look. Read the review.

  • Engine: Parallel Twin
  • Capacity: 689 cc
  • Power: 74 bhp
  • Licence: A2 (Restricted)
  • Seat Height: 805 mm
  • Wet Weight: 182 kg

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How Did We Rank Our Top Ten?

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What Is A Naked Bike?

What is a naked motorbike?

Originally a naked bike would have been a sports bike with the fairing removed, the wiring tidied up to show off the engine and a few tweaks like flatter handlebars to make the riding position less aggressive.

These days nakeds tend to be designed that way from the off. They also quite often feature a de-tuned engine from the previous generation range topping sports bike, tweaked for lots of torque lower down the range at the expense of top end power.

In the grand scheme of things they are one of the most popular classes of bike on the road and tend to be used for short blasts at the weekend rather than longer trips. Retro nakeds offer much the same but with distinct retro styling.

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