Top Tens & Bikes of the Year

The Best Motorbikes and Scooters

We've picked our top ten favourites in each category to help get you started:

125cc Learner Models

Learn how to get your licence and how a single cylinder engine works.

A2 Licence

Find out what the A2 motorbike licence means.


Go for a naked bike for everyday short commutes, a retro/cafe racer to look cool, a cruiser to stand out from the crowd, a tourer for long distance work or a sports bike for track days.

Adventure Bikes

They tend to be good at everything but are large, expensive, heavy and usually have a very high seat to deal with.


What Else Is There?

A cheeky little selection of motorbike reviews so you can see what it's like to really live with them, a ranking of the top 500 and the all the important 2019 launches.

For help understanding the differences between all the different styles of bike on offer we've created an easy to understand guide to the types of motorbike and some info explaining the different types of engines powering them.