Why Am I Here?

You know the drill, it's the dangerous pointy tool which never sees the light of day. We have one as well, but we also work on this (hopefully) useful website, with bikes for sale, a free used price guide and some info about how many bikes are knocking around.

How Do We Calculate The Price Guide?

Everyone knows that the best way to value a bike is to browse through the classifieds for a while. It tells you what is going on in the market right now and roughly what a bike is worth.

We try to do the same thing for you by monitoring thousands of bikes every day, seven days a week. Actually it's a badass server doing the number crunching, but we did tell it what to look for!

We Will Try To

Show you what bikes are selling for on the market today and back up the guide prices with current examples where possible. It should be all the evidence you need to haggle in one place.

We Won't

Ask you to register at the last minute, overly bombard you with a million annoying adverts or pass on your details to other companies so they can spam you later.

Those things annoy us as much as they annoy you, but badass servers don't grow on trees so expect like one advert on a page so we can pay for it. No badass server to crunch the numbers, no price guide...

Have We Got Something Wrong?

We try to make sure everything is correct on the site but if you do notice something wrong or obviously missing please do let me know: ian@thebikemarket.co.uk

If you're sitting there thinking "this page is worse than an online encyclopedia" then get in touch and help us create a decent page to help people. That's what we are aiming for and we would love your help!

Tell Us About Your Bike Or Scooter

Help the next guy choose the right bike or scooter by writing about your experience. Is there anything you wish you had known before buying your bike, what's bad, what's good, what you farkled or what it's really like to live with?

Who Are We?

Ian Ian: Communes With The Prices

What is a bike worth? It depends on whether you are buying, selling, how many are around and whether anyone else actually wants one right now. It's a tricky problem but we gave it a go anyway and popped the results on this website in the hope it helps.

If you disagree with the price guide for a model then please get in touch because we would love the feedback. We really are interested because if we're wrong it needs to be fixed and any help is most welcome.

When I'm not researching bikes I like to point my camera at random things.

John John: Whispers Quietly To The Badass Server

We're always looking for ways to improve the site and appreciate any suggestions. It might be a new feature you would like to see or something about the layout which is currently a bit confusing.

We also take impossible, crazy and ill-thought-out ideas under consideration.


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