Suzuki GSX-R750 For Sale

The 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 is a mid-range sports bike and is powered by a 750cc inline four engine which puts out 150bhp. It was launched in 1986 with updates in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

Suzuki GSX-R750

What Is It?

  • Brakes, suspension, looks, handling
  • Not a lot!

The latest incarnation of the GSX-R750 is powered by a true 750cc liquid cooled inline 4, producing 150bhp at 11,200rpm. 8kg has been shaved off the weight with a re-designed chassis with 15mm shorter wheelbase, while delivering 10% better fuel efficiency.

Features include:

  • Yoshimura muffler
  • Upside down Showa forks and rear shock
  • Dual discs up front with Brembo monobloc calipers
  • Rear disc with Nissin monobloc caliper
  • Slipper clutch
  • Two power modes: road, track
  • Adjustable pegs
  • Speed sensitive steering damper

Available colours:

  • 2011: Black, blue/white/black
  • 2012: Black, blue/white/black
  • 2013: Black/grey, blue/white
  • 2014: Blue/white, black/white, black/red (Yoshimura)
  • 2015: Red/black/white, blue/black/white
  • 2017: White with red wheels, black/yellow

2017: Suzuki introduced a £300 Sports+ pack which gets you a pillion seat cover, frame protectors and wheel decals. Yoshimura R11 exhaust now standard.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2011 £5,500 £4,400 £3,850 8,200
2012 £5,850 £4,700 £4,100 7,200
2013 £6,300 £5,050 £4,400 6,200
2014 £6,700 £5,400 £4,700 5,200
2015 £7,200 £5,750 £5,050 4,100
2016 £7,650 £6,150 £5,350 2,900
2017 £8,150 £6,550 £5,700 2,200
2018 £8,700 £6,950 £6,100 1,200

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Model History

The gixxer 750 launched in 1986 with a 747cc inline four, producing 106bhp at 10,500rpm. Between 86 and 91 the power increased to 115bhp, there were fairing/exhaust tweaks and the wet weight increased from 201kg to 208kg.

1992 featured a higher revving engine producing 118bhp, while 1994 focused on bringing the weight back down by 9kg.

1996 was another re-design and really focused on the weight issue with a new Aluminium frame, bringing the dry weight down by 20kg to 179kg. Power jumped to 128bhp at 11,500rpm and the front discs increased to 320mm. 1998 introduced fuel injection.

2000 was another re-design, bumping power up to 140bhp at 12,500rpm and shaving 13-16kg off the weight from the new engine. 2002 saw a new adjustable swingarm and mirrors.

2004 saw the engine producing 155bhp at 12,800rpm and another 3kg knocked off the weight, although fuel capacity reduced by 1 litre.

2006 took on the GSX-R1000 looks and raised the red line to 15,000rpm.

Not much changed for the 2008 model but the fuel capacity was back up to 17 litres.

The latest 2011 model features a 750cc engine, tweaked chassis and slightly better fuel economy.