Suzuki GSX-R600 For Sale

The 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 is a dedicated sports bike and is powered by a 599cc inline four engine which puts out 125bhp. It was first launched in 1997 with updates in 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

What Is It?

  • Engine, gearbox, fast, light, handling, brakes
  • Quality of finish, riding position, budget to replace the standard tyres

The all new 2011 GSX-R600 is about 3-5kg lighter than the previous model and now features a 120mm fully adjustable Showa Big Piston fork. Power is provided by a new lighter 599cc engine with more midrange torque. RRP is £9,000 in 2017 or £9,200 for the 30th anniversary edition.

Features include:

  • Dual 310mm 12 inch discs up front, with Brembo 2 piston monobloc brake calipers
  • Rear 220mm disc with Brembo single piston caliper
  • New console, similar to the GSX-R1000
  • Electronically adjustable, speed sensitive, steering damper
  • New lighter close ratio gearbox

The twin spar aluminium frame is lighter and smaller. As a result the bike is 5mm thinner, 10mm shorter and has a 15mm shorter wheelbase. Weight has also been reduced by 1.7kg thanks to a new exhaust system with stainless steel down pipes and a titanium end can.

Available colours: blue/white, silver/yellow, white/silver, black/white and black.

2017: Suzuki introduced a £300 Sports+ pack which gets you a pillion seat cover, frame protectors and wheel decals. Yellow/black and black with red wheels introduced and Yoshimura R11 exhaust now standard.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2011 £5,150 £4,150 £3,600 7,900
2012 £5,550 £4,450 £3,900 7,300
2013 £5,950 £4,750 £4,150 6,700
2014 £6,350 £5,050 £4,450 6,100
2015 £6,750 £5,400 £4,750 5,400
2016 £7,200 £5,750 £5,050 2,500
2017 £7,650 £6,150 £5,350 1,900
2018 £8,150 £6,500 £5,700 1,300

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Model History

The gixxer 600 launched in 1997 with a 599cc inline four, producing 93bhp at 12,000rpm and benefiting from SRAD. 1998 saw a boost to mid-range power and a lower screen.

2001 was a major re-design, featuring more poised angular looks, fuel injection and a boost to 100bhp.

2004 introduced a new fuel tank, upside down forks and new fairings whereas in 2005 the brakes became radial mounted and a there was a new headlight.

The 2006 re-design introduced a completely new engine producing 111bhp and larger 310mm front discs. There was also a lower seat and improved mass-centralisation.

Not much changed for 2008 apart from new engine tuning to improve low to mid-range power. There was also a new damper and fuel injection system.

The latest 2011 model features a new lighter 125bhp engine, 3-5kgs shaved off the weight, new exhaust system and fully adjustable Showa BPF.

2017 saw it dropped due to swindling sales and Euro 4.


How many bikes like this are around, by year of production, including those licensed for use on the road and those off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Year On The Road Off The Road Total Around We Monitor
2011 333 58 391 Rarely for sale
2012 254 34 288 10 per month
2013 176 7 183 Rarely for sale


RM/2013/028, issued 04/11/2013, affected 29,422 bikes

Moisture is absorbed by the brake fluid over time due to its hygroscopic nature. This moisture can cause corrosion to form in the piston and return spring within the brake master cylinder. As this corrosion forms it can cause the fluid to react and produce a small amount of gas. This gas may give a softer or spongy feel to the brake lever. In extreme cases this could reduce braking efficiency.

Build Dates: 01/02/2005 to 10/06/2013

Vehicle Ids:

JS1B3111200100012 to JS1B3111500100315
JS1B2111200100004 to JS1B2111500100220
JS1B6111200100010 to JS1B6111200104047
JS1CY111100100080 to JS1CY111100110660
JS1CF111100100037 to JS1CF111100115380
JS1CW111100100036 to JS1CW111100112005
JS1C4111100100283 to JS1C4111100103629
JS1CL111100100049 to JS1CL111100111800
JS1CE111100100047 to JS1CE111100121752
JS1C3111100100083 to JS1C3111100103520
JS1CE11110010047 to JS1CE111100121752
JS1CV111100100048 to JS1CV111100111976

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