Triumph Daytona 675

The 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 is a sports bike and is powered by a 675cc triple engine which puts out 126bhp. The later R version adds a quickshifter and Ohlins suspension.

Rating: 4 / 5


  • Performance and handling


  • Mirrors and lights


The 675 is powered by a liquid cooled 675cc triple engine, producing 126bhp at 12,500rpm and maximum torque at 11,900rpm.

Features include:

  • Aluminium twin spar frame and swingarm
  • Dual 310mm discs at the front with Nissin 2 piston radial monoblock calipers
  • 220mm disc at the rear with Brembo single piston caliper
  • Fully adjustable 41mm Kayaba upside down fork with 110mm travel
  • Fully adjustable Kayaba shock with 129mm travel
  • Twin injectors per cylinder
  • Lightweight Titanium valves
  • 3->1 under engine exhaust system
  • Gear position indicator
  • Slipper clutch
  • 6 speed gearbox
  • Immobiliser and LED rear light
  • Optional ABS with two levels

The 17" 5-spoke cast Aluminium alloy wheels take a 120/70 tyre up front and 180/55 at the rear. There have been a few updates over the years:

  • 2009: Power increase from 123bhp to 126bhp, seat height from 825mm to 820mm, higher 13,900rpm red line, new brakes and suspension.
  • 2013: New chassis, engine, brakes, suspension, wheels and styling upgrade. Also increased power, higher red line and slipper clutch.

Accessories include a 15-20 litre tank bag (£125), 10-15 litre tail pack (£100), Arrow performance exhaust which is 60% lighter (£620), LED rear indicators (£60), quickshifter (£295), alarm (£295) and comfort seat (£100).

The 675R costs £10,950 and gets you a few choice race focused features. The number plate and indicators are easily removable for race days, there is a quickshifter and Ohlins suspension.

Colours: Red/black, white/blue, black and blue special edition

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2006 £3,900 £3,100 £2,700 10,600
2007 £4,150 £3,300 £2,900 10,100
2008 £4,450 £3,550 £3,100 9,500
2009 £4,750 £3,800 £3,300 8,900
2010 £5,050 £4,050 £3,550 8,300
2011 £5,400 £4,300 £3,800 7,500
2012 £5,750 £4,600 £4,050 6,700
2013 £6,150 £4,900 £4,300 5,900
2014 £6,550 £5,250 £4,600 4,900
2015 £6,950 £5,550 £4,850 2,100
2016 £7,400 £5,900 £5,200 1,600
2017 £7,850 £6,300 £5,500 1,100

Prices Updated: 25th September 2018

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Triumph Daytona 675

So, this is my Beautiful Triumph Daytona 675. As you can see it has the black and gold colour scheme, with a few carbon extras (front fender, rear fender, exhaust cover and passenger footrest blank plates). Additional extras on this bike are the arrow exhaust with no baffle and heated grips. Also I have only owned this bike for a short amount of time, roughly a month.


Well since I’ve owned the bike I’ve had no issues. After speaking to some people who have owned this bike, I’ve only heard the good not the bad. So over the next couple of years I’ll soon be able to tell for myself.


The handling tied in with the power is the reason I sold my K2 GSX-R750 for this. The bike is so nimble, direct and loves to wheelie. That on the test ride I was sold. It offers so much response on the road, granted not as fast as the 750 in a straight line. But the Daytona makes up for it in every other way. If you haven’t ridden one, you need to.


The dash is very appealing on this bike. Sometimes your speedo can be hard to read when it's really sunny, but otherwise it's spot on with lap timer, fuel consumption, recommended shift light etc.


Not really much difference in price compared to your other sports bikes. However, I believe things may cost more than the Japanese bikes.


Only negative for me.. Wrist pain, I’ve owned and ridden a fair share of bikes, the wrist pain on this is noticeable.


The Daytona is a great sports bike with amazing handling, power, sound and looks. If you are thinking of buying one. I’ll be taking this to Spain with my this year. I have every confidence it will keep me smiling!

- D. Davies, 2018

Triumph Daytona 675 2010

2010 Triumph Daytona 675 purchased new to replace 2008 Kawasaki ZX6R. Had taken an initial test ride and first impressions were how light and narrow the Daytona was. Seat height was a slight issue as I am only 5ft 7in so was a bit more on tiptoes than the kwak. Owned bike for 18 months before trading up to 1000cc machine but here are my thoughts:

Engine - bike came with the optional Triumph TOR can. The noise is intoxicating. The triple has a distinctive sound combined with a high pitch whistle. Compared to the 4 cylinder 600cc supersport machines the torque is fantastic. Bike will pull in most gears from low revs. Want your ride out to be like a Moto GP race? The Daytona can handle it. Want the ride to be more of a nimble? The Daytona is happy to oblige. Only issue I suffered was at just over 1,100 miles. I noticed it had used quite a bit of oil. Dealer checked it out and engine had cracked a bore liner. It took Triumph 6 weeks to supply the part and it was only this quick because I personally wrote to John Bloor. However during this time the dealer was superb, loaning me a bike whenever I needed one.

Suspension & Handling - typically firm as most supersport bikes are. However bike would drop into a corner at the slightest request and hold a line with no problems at all. Came as standard with Pirelli Super Corsa tyres which gave great grip in dry but were concerning in the wet due to lack of tread. Probably more of a mental thing but roundabouts in the wet were taken with minimal lean.

Riding Position - very heavy on the wrists due to the higher rear end and low clip ons. Not unmanageable but not as comfy as the Kwak or Gixxer 600.

Overall - probably the best supersport for the road and certainly the best sounding. Rear seat pad big enough to attach a decent bag to for short trips away with only downside being the underseat can limiting other luggage options. Best of all its British and you do get the feeling that these bikes, although mass produced, are made with pride.

- Simon, 2016

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How many bikes like this are around, by year of production, including those licensed for use on the road and those off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Year On The Road Off The Road Total Around
2006 435 242 677
2007 261 132 393
2008 218 102 320
2009 393 181 574
2010 317 101 418
2011 186 56 242
2012 139 25 164
2013 188 33 221
2014 154 16 170
2015 108 3 111

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RM/2012/019, issued 24/09/2012, affected 8,595 bikes

The engine may stall due to a nonconformity in the with the regulator rectifier.

  • Build Dates: 30/09/2005 to 09/06/2010

RM/2013/005, issued 07/02/2013, affected 627 bikes

Premature wheel bearing wear/play can occur as the bearings may not be manufactured to specification.

  • Build Dates: 20/08/2011 to 21/09/2011
  • Vehicle Ids: 515370 to 517338, 464171 to 467150, 464176 to 467607, 515776 to 517467, 464169 to 467147, 515348 to 516784, 515255 to 516113, 464183 to 467874, 515235 to 516115, 508895 to 515657, 515763 to 517490, 515770 to 517503, 464183 to 467874, 513345 to 516794, 464491 to 466968, 508895 to 515657

RM/2013/013, issued 27/05/2013, affected 438 bikes

Insufficient guidance of the throttle cable in the headstock area can result in the throttle cable being trapped in the steering lock stop causing damage to the throttle cable which impedes its operation.

  • Build Dates: 01/06/2012 to 30/11/2012
  • Vehicle Ids: 560477 to 577767 and 560477 to 577767

RM/2013/021, issued 29/07/2013, affected 1,098 bikes

The ABS might not operate, although no Malfunction Indicator Lamp illuminates. This is due to a non conformity during the manufacturing process. The brakes will function albeit without the ABS capability.

  • Build Dates: 01/07/2013 to 01/06/2013
  • Vehicle Ids: 572533 to 613932, 569021 to 613932, 565030 to 613570 and 565000 to 613570

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