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The 2013 Honda CBR600RR is a dedicated mid-range sports bike and is powered by a 599cc inline four engine which puts out 118bhp. It was originally launched in 2003 with updates in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

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Honda CBR600RR

What Is It?

  • A serious piece of kit, great suspension
  • Not hugely practical or comfortable, no slipper clutch

The 2013 model launched with a number of small improvements, MotoGP inspired aerodynamics and C-ABS now standard rather than an option. The most eye-catching and controversial feature is the nose re-design with new ram-air intake design whereas the big piston fork simply gets the job done.

Features include:

  • Dual stage fuel injection
  • Dual 310mm discs up front with Tokico 2 piston radial calipers
  • 220mm disc at the rear with Nissin single piston radial caliper
  • Fully adjustable 41mm upside down Big Piston Fork with 120mm travel
  • Fully adjustable rear pro-link shock with 130mm travel
  • Tweaked ABS software to favour the rear slightly
  • Close ratio 6 speed gearbox
  • Line beam headlights
  • 12 spoke Aluminium alloy wheels

The liquid cooled four stroke inline four cylinder 599cc engine delivers 118bhp at 13,500rpm and it benefits from an ECU upgrade to deliver more midrange power.

Available colours: red, black, red/white/blue and Repsol

Did You Know?

The CBR600RR won every Supersport World Championship title from 2002 to 2008, in 2010 and most recently in 2014

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Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2013 £6,050 £4,850 £4,250 10,800
2014 £6,400 £5,100 £4,450 9,000
2015 £6,700 £5,400 £4,700 7,100
2016 £7,050 £5,650 £4,950 5,100

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Model History

The iconic CBR600RR launched in 2003 with a 599cc inline four which achieved 117bhp at 13,000rpm.

2005 saw a small weight reduction of 5-7kg from a new frame, seat and fairing and improved the mass centralisation. There were also upgrades to the suspension, swingarm and exhaust system.

In 2007 Honda shaved 9-10kg from the weight. Most of the savings were from the new engine, frame, swingarm and cast wheels - basically smarter construction with less metal. Handling, mass centralisation and mid-range power all improved.

2009 saw improved mid-range power, a re-designed nose, radial mounted brakes and speed sensitive damper.

The latest 2013 model features a re-designed nose, C-ABS as standard and ABS front/rear balance tweaks.

2016 saw it finally killed off by the Euro 4 rules.

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