Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R For Sale

The 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R is a premium sports bike and is powered by a 998cc inline 4 engine which puts out 185bhp.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

What Is It?

  • Compact dimensions, fantastic engine, really fast
  • Budget for better brakes and damper, expensive on fuel and insurance, finish

Released in 2004 to replace the ZX-9R, the ZX-10R features a narrow chassis, low weight and radial brakes. The exhaust is entirely made from Titanium. The 2006 model featured twin under seat exhausts. Dry weight increased from 170kg to 175kg.

Features include:

  • Slipper clutch
  • Steering damper

Other changes include:

  • Weight increased by 5kg due to catalyser, swingarm and steering damper changes.
  • Re-shaped fairing with smaller lights.
  • Aluminium frame re-designed to raise the centre of gravity.
  • Improved mid-range power yet greener emissions.
  • The exhaust pipe heat shields on the 2007 models are black rather than silver.

The 2008 model was completely re-designed, is thinner and featured a more angular front end. The twin under seat exhausts were replaced with a single side exhaust and this model retailed at £8,950. Dry weight is up from 175kg to 179kg and power increases to 185bhp.

Available colours: black, silver, green, blue, yellow, white

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2004 £4,100 £3,300 £2,850 23,400
2005 £4,250 £3,400 £2,950 22,300
2006 £4,350 £3,450 £3,050 21,200
2007 £4,500 £3,600 £3,150 19,900
2008 £4,800 £3,850 £3,350 18,600
2009 £5,150 £4,150 £3,600 17,200
2010 £5,600 £4,500 £3,950 15,700

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Mines a white 2009 model, bought last June with 2,800 on clock. I do 120+ miles per day on average commuting, now with circa 22,000 on clock. Acceleration and speed...still got it...hold on tight !!!!!

My commute is main A roads, motorways and then into central London. I have always averaged 120 miles before the fuel light comes on and have managed another 10 miles beyond but haven't wanted to push any further just "to find out"!

  • Reliable engine
  • Have noted additional oil usage per week after 15k
  • Still on original chain and sprockets
  • Mirrors - good overall (marmite...some like looks some don't)
  • At 15k the LHS mirror knuckle started to loosen., no way to fix so replaced both with aftermarket plus indicators

Mine gets a wash and shine every weekend (every 500 miles) and still gets compliments like "f***ing nice bike mate". Fairings are still all good - only two minor chips. The lights are still good as is the dash. The brakes are still OEM but more than happy with them. I also have soft panniers which have usual wear marks through paint on ear fairings and R&G crash everything...never needed but they look cool.

It's good at filtering (nice and thin) but the turning circle is HUGE. Makes me think twice about moving between end to end vehicles.

Tyres changed at 7,500 and 18,000 (front and rear) from standard. Main services are not cheap (that's pretty much the norm) but do secondary myself.

One concern...had a clogged valve changed at 18,500 miles by Kawasaki racing team mechanics who had experience of 2008-2010 ZX10R racing. Their advice was that their experience on the track suggested that on the road the engine would "start costing you big bucks" from between 40-50k. As such I'm now considering moving her on...with a VERY BIG TEAR !!

- Ian W, 2016


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