Honda CBR600F3 For Sale

The 1995 Honda CBR600F is a mid-range sports bike and is powered by a 598cc inline four engine which puts out 100bhp. It was originally launched in 1987 with updates in 1991, 1999, 2001 and 2011.

Honda CBR600F3

What Is It?

The 1995 model launched with a number of small changes. The frame was tuned, there was a new air intake and larger curved radiator with larger oil cooler. Else where the front brakes were expanded to 296mm discs and the rear wheel now supported a fatter 160 tyre.

Features include:

  • Steel twin-spar frame
  • Dual 296mm discs up front with 2 piston calipers
  • 220mm rear disc with single piston caliper
  • Adjustable 41mm fork with 118mm travel
  • Adjustable rear pro-link shock with 109mm travel
  • 17" cast Aluminium 6 spoke wheels
  • 4-2-1 exhaust system
  • 6 speed gearbox

The liquid cooled four cylinder 598cc engine produced 100bhp at 12,000rpm. The dashboard also saw a bit of an electronic upgrade while the fairing was made a touch more aerodynamic.

In 1997 Honda modified the engine to increase power to 105bhp and top speed to 150mph. New lights and a sleeker rear end helped in the looks department.

Available colours: black/grey/yellow, black/red/white, blue/black/yellow, blue/white/red, black/red, purple/yellow, black/yellow

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Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
1995 £1,700 £1,350 £1,200 16,500
1996 £1,800 £1,450 £1,250 16,300
1997 £1,900 £1,550 £1,350 16,000
1998 £2,050 £1,650 £1,450 15,700

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