Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) For Sale

Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould)
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Insurance Costs: 7 of 10
Currently: £1,700–£1,300

Power: 85 bhp

Engine: 598 cc, 12,000 rpm red line, 140 mph top speed

Economy: 45 mpg

Range: 160 miles from the 16.5 litre tank

Seat Height: 770 mm

Weight: 199 kg (wet), 182 kg (dry)

What Is It?

The Honda CBR600F is a mid-range sports bike and is powered by a liquid cooled 598cc inline four 16 valve engine, producing 85bhp at 11,000rpm and maximum torque at 8,000rpm.

Features include:

  • Steel frame
  • Dual 276mm discs up front with 2 piston Nissin calipers
  • 220mm disc at the rear with single piston Nissin caliper
  • 37mm Showa fork
  • Rear pro-link shock with 7 levels of pre-load
  • 4->1 exhaust system
  • 6 speed transmission
  • Electric starter

The CBR600F replaces the VF500 and the frame has been re-worked from the VFR750. Cladding the bike in aerodynamic plastic panels, tested in a wind tunnel, allows Honda to keep the internals pretty plain, instead spending the money on some high performance components such as the engine and brakes.

The 3-spoke 17" wheels take a 120/60 tyre at the front and 160/60 at the rear.

Colours: Red/white, red/white/blue, black/red, black/purple/red

1989: Revised engine with new cylinder head, valve timing and pistons resulting in 8bhp more power and top speed increased from 140mph to 145mph. The fairing has been tweaked and rebound adjustment added to the shock.


Common Questions

How much is a Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould)?

The Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) currently costs in the range of £1,700 to £1,300.

How fast does a Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) go?

The top speed of the Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) is around 140 mph.

How much does a Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) weigh?

The curb weight of the Honda CBR600F1 (Jelly Mould) is 199 kg. It includes fuel, oil and other fluids so is commonly called the wet weight.

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Bikes for Sale (2)

  • Honda CBR600F-J 1988 in Rothmans Honda Racing Colours - Rare Classic
    £2,999 eBay
    • £1350 Over Guide Price
    • 1988
    • Ashtead(Map)
    • Honda CBR600F-J in Rothmans Honda Racing Colours - Rare Classic
  • 1989 Honda CBR600F CBR600 CBR 600F 600cc All Original, Sports Silencer
    £2,500 eBay
    • £900 Over Guide Price
    • 1989
    • Colwyn Bay(Map)
    • Honda CBR600F CBR600 CBR 600F 600cc All Original, Sports Silencer

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
1987 £1,700 £1,700 £1,700 28,400
1988 £1,650 £1,300 £1,150 28,700
1989 £1,600 £1,300 £1,150 28,900
1990 £1,600 £1,300 £1,150 29,000

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Popularity & How Many Left

Year On The Road Off The Road Total For Sale
1987 38 217 255 Rarely
1988 63 302 365 1 / month
1989 74 371 445 3 / month
1990 91 339 430 Rarely

Source: DVLA


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