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The 2005 BMW R1200RT is a premium touring bike which can be spec'd up with all the toys and it's powered by a 1,170cc two cylinder Boxer engine which puts out 110bhp. It saw major updates in 2010 and 2014.


What Is It?

  • Comfort, electric windscreen, handling, power, brakes
  • Some reliability issues - aim for 07-09, speakers at speed, complex audio controls, screen

The R1200RT launched in 2005 to replace the outgoing R1150RT. It was powered by an air/oil cooled two cylinder Boxer engine with 4 valves per cylinder, achieving maximum power of 110bhp at 7,500rpm with maximum torque at 6,000rpm. It's basically a tuned up GS engine which is part of a load bearing unit between the front and rear sub-frames and much like the R1200GS the power is delivered to the rear wheel via shaft drive. The R1200ST is basically a 70kg lighter version of the RT with less fairings.

Features include:

  • Dual 320mm discs up front with Brembo 2 piston calipers
  • 265mm disc at the rear with 2 piston caliper
  • 35mm Telelever suspension up front with 120mm travel
  • Rear Paralever suspension with 135mm travel and adjustable pre-load
  • Dual H7 Halogen low beam with single H7 high beam
  • Adjustable clutch and brake levers
  • Electric starter and immobilizer
  • CD player and radio (£900)
  • 6 speed gearbox

The R1200RT represented a complete re-design from the R1150RT with new aerodynamic fairing, integrated mirrors which add wind protection and taller screen. It's the usual story of a 15bhp power increase, more functionality and 20kg less weight.

The wheels are 17" cast Aluminium with 120/70 ZR17 tyres up front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear. Also the rider's half of the two-part seat is adjustable to 820mm or 840mm along with an optional 780mm / 800mm extra low seat.

The bike comes with dual 32 litre colour matched side cases as standard and rear luggage rack. Adding to the functionality is a rail on top of the fuel tank, specifically designed to secure the optional tank bag. If even more storage is required there is always the 28 litre (black) or 49 litre (grey/black) top boxes to choose from.

Standard features also include a power socket, cruise control and ABS. The optional on-board computer works out mpg figures for you, range left, temperature and alerts if the oil level reaches critical. If you can find a pimped example a heated grips, a heated seat and Navigator II were available as expensive but highly useful options. Top of the option list was the £400 electrically adjustable suspension (ESA) which is worth it if you can find an example with it fitted you get standard modes for one up, two up and fully loaded before you set off and then once on the move additional comfort, normal and sport settings.

There were also some changes over time. The 2005-2006 bikes had the so called "whizzy" brakes which were replaced on later models and in 2008 it gained an iPod connector (better that the CD player skipping over bumps).

2009 saw a 200 unit limited edition Touring Special in black. Features included Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Tyre Pressure Control and a colour coded top box.

Available colours: Black, grey/black, red/black, blue/silver

The R1200RT-P Police version features an LED emergency lighting system with various flash patterns for different Police forces and also as you would expect a siren mounted on the front protection bars. There is a light module at the front and the rear and a special feature "locks in" the current speed of the bike in large numbers on the display, ready to note down after the target has been pulled over.

In a similar vein the R1200RT Fire was available in red with the blue flashing lights of the Police version, alongside a rear mounted 13 gallon water/foam tank. It was designed to reach inaccessible motorway fires as a first responder and could reach 90mph even with the heavy spray tank.

Did You Know?

A police version can be seen briefly in 24: Live Another Day (episode 3/12) and Spooks. It's referred to as the R1200RT-P.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2005 £4,250 £3,400 £3,000 28,000
2006 £4,200 £3,350 £2,950 26,500
2007 £4,250 £3,400 £3,000 25,000
2008 £4,500 £3,600 £3,150 23,300
2009 £4,900 £3,900 £3,400 21,500

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BMW R1200RT 2007 Blood Bike

We have owned 3 RT1200-P bikes for the past 3 years and we use these vehicles for delivering bloods etc. We prefer the police authority bikes over the regular RT1200 bike and we reckon that the equipment on the Authority bike is far more upgraded to the regular machine you get an extra battery where your radio would be. Also because of the hacking this bike has to take by many riders, the authorities bike has slimmer panniers which open at the top making it quite handy to access even on the bike. It also allows the bike to filter through traffic much easier, they don’t have top boxes which are bulky and also act as a wind catcher using more fuel.

If the bike is serviced at regular intervals ie 5,000 miles you won’t have any problems as this is the key to keeping these machines in good nick; our bikes get this done regularly the same as the police service history shows. The crash bars fitted are well capable of taking a knock or a fall and won’t break anything, they are well capable of taking a side impact as well to the bars which I have experience of getting.

The only parts we have replaced in 3 years is 1 alternator, wheel bearing, 2 batteries, 1 pedometer and of course the regular pads and tyres. That’s it - totally recommend these authorities bikes over the normal ones.

The down side is the electrics as they have their own electrical authorities wiring loom which unless you have a wiring diagram for them can be a problem, also a lot of the authorities bikes when they are been decommissioned depending on who is doing it can have wiring cut in various locations, this can also be a problem they also have a lot of extra wiring connections that you don’t need and are hanging around the front of the bike area.

- Fergus, 2016

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