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The 2014 BMW R1200RT is a premium touring bike which can be spec'd up with all the toys and is powered by a 1,170cc two cylinder Boxer engine which puts out 125bhp. It was first launched in 2005, saw a major update in 2010 and was replaced in 2019 by the R1250RT.


What Is It?

  • Engine, comfort, protection, handling, brakes, storage, mirrors
  • Switch gear, gearbox, finish, price, audio system compatibility

The 2014 R1200RT LC is powered by a new air/water cooled 1170cc two cylinder Boxer engine, producing 125bhp at 7,750rpm and maximum torque at 6,500rpm. That's 15 bhp more than the previous model with max torque 500rpm further up the range and more torque across the rev range. The previous engine was air/oil cooled and this new power plant, basically a tuned 2013 R1200GS engine, also benefits from a larger central mass on the crankshaft and alternator to make everything smoother. 

Features include:

  • New more rigid chassis
  • Dual 320mm discs up front with 2 piston Brembo calipers
  • 276mm disc at the rear with 2 piston caliper
  • Front Telelever suspension with 120mm travel
  • Rear Paralever suspension with 136mm travel
  • ABS and traction control (ASC) with two ride modes (Road/Rain)
  • Shaft final drive (now on the left)
  • Power socket (now on the right fairing)
  • Speakers (now higher up)
  • 6 speed gearbox
  • Quick release panniers

Visually it's easy to identify because the black inserts on the cylinder heads face forwards rather than down on the previous model and there is a new mean headlight design. One cool option, which can be seen in the pics above, is the Corona Ring feature headlight and we reckon it gives a subtle Transformers flavour to the whole package. Halogen low beam is in the middle with two high beam lights either side, while the rear light and mirror-mounted indicators are LED based. The mirrors even fold in if needed.

The much acclaimed adjustable windscreen receives an update with a second level of screen protection at the sides, under the adjustable main section. Looking at the wheels both are 17" cast Aluminium with a 120/70 tyre up front and a 180/60 at the rear. As before the standard seat has two settings of 805mm and 825mm whereas the optional high seat has 830mm / 850mm and the low seat 760mm / 780mm.

The dashboard also get a major re-design with a new central 5.7" TFT colour screen and onboard computer. The computer used to be an option which added mpg, range left, temperature and oil level alerts but it's now all standard with the information displayed right where you want it - check the pics above. To aid readability the screen can be angled slightly forward or backwards. 

The fancy audio system, controlled by the multi control, is still an optional £1,000 extra though. It adds iPod/USB/3.5mm connectors and Bluetooth comms for both riders. Other options include two additional riding modes (Dynamic/Hill Start) which can be added with Riding Mode Pro. Dynamic mode unleashes the sporty side of the engine while dampening the ABS and ASC systems. Hill start is brand new and intended to make it easier for fully laden touring in hilly terrain, such as the Lakes. It allows you to roll to a stop on a hill while the bike holds you in position without requiring the brake lever to be pressed, much like a car hand brake, then the bike releases the brake for you when you pull away. It's operated by squeezing the brake lever on an incline.

Gear Shift Pro adds a quick shifter option. It's based on the Gear Shift system seen on the S1000RR but tailored to the rev ranges usually used for touring. In fact apart from setting off most normal gear changes can be executed without using the clutch.

As before Dynamic ESA adds semi-active electronically adjustable suspension and central locking (ignition, panniers, top box, compartments) can be ordered with the optional alarm as a package. You can also opt for an Akrapovic end can, cruise control, tyre pressure monitor, second power socket, heated grip, heated seat and a plethora of storage options including a large 49 litre top case. All of the electronics are controlled by the multi control on the left handlebar in conjunction with the screen.

The LE edition comes with most of the goodies as standard for less than adding them all individually: ESA, Gear Shift Pro, central locking, alarm, cruise control, chrome exhaust, heated grips and seat. It is however a shade over £2,000 more than the base model.

  • 2014-2016: Bronze, blue, grey and black (the latest 2016 models have a black drive shaft)
  • 2017: Black, white, bronze
  • 2018: Black, white, red, blue/silver, bronze/silver

2016 saw BMW release the R1200RT LC Iconic limited edition, alongside similar editions for the RS/GS/GSA. All of them are limited to 100 units and come with with special paint schemes, so don't expect to see many for sale! The paint scheme is a tasty candy red with matching luggage and pretty much all the options thrown in.

2017: A few small changes to meet Euro 4 requirements, sidelights and judder damper on transmission output shaft. Cornering ABS Pro and dynamic brake light now options. New black and white colour schemes released while previous black/grey and blue are no longer available.

2018: Cornering ABS Pro now standard. Dynamic traction control and Emergency SOS call from the handlebar button now options. Spezial paint schemes and parts now available to add a bit of bling e.g. brown seat and bronze/silver colour scheme.

Did You Know?

It also comes in Police and Fire Engine versions!

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