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The Honda Super Blackbird is a premium sports tourer bike and is powered by a 1,137cc inline four engine which puts out 164bhp. It's often called the Gentleman's Express.

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Honda Super Blackbird

What Is It?

  • Build quality, reliability, comfort, very fast, smooth power delivery
  • Large, heavy, budget for bar risers and a screen

The CBR1100XX launched in 1996 with a rigid mounted 1,137cc inline four engine, mounted directly to the aluminium frame. The bike is often praised for build quality, finish and riding comfort.

It held the record for fastest production bike until it was toppled in 1999 by the GSX1300R Hayabusa, shortly before the gentleman's agreement between the main players to limit top speeds to 186mph in 2000. 

Honda initially developed the bike to win the title from Kawasaki's Ninja ZX-11 but in the process ended up developing a surprisingly usable machine.

1998: Honda fitted a new cooling system and thermostat housing.

1999: Major re-design including fuel injection, larger fuel tank, HISS, tail light, ram air system, clutch and oil cooler. Watch out for the wiring fault on injected bikes.

1999: The Blackbird engine, de-tuned, is used to power the CB1100 X11.

2001: Honda added a catalytic converter, new digital console and taller screen.

2002: New EFI mapping to meet emission standards and improve throttle response and low speed.

Features include:

  • Highly aerodynamic "bullet" nose
  • Dual shaft balancer
  • Dual combined braking system

Available colours: Silver, blue, black, red and black/silver.

Did You Know?

The CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is named after the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the US stealth reconnaissance plane first flown in 1964 and previous holder of the fastest plane in the world title

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Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
1996 £2,250 £1,800 £1,550 28,600
1997 £2,450 £1,950 £1,700 28,200
1998 £2,600 £2,100 £1,850 27,800
1999 £2,800 £2,250 £1,950 27,200
2000 £2,950 £2,350 £2,050 26,500
2001 £3,100 £2,500 £2,200 25,800
2002 £3,250 £2,600 £2,300 25,000
2003 £3,400 £2,750 £2,400 24,100
2004 £3,550 £2,850 £2,500 23,200
2005 £3,700 £2,950 £2,600 22,100
2006 £3,800 £3,050 £2,700 21,000
2007 £3,950 £3,150 £2,750 19,800

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