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The 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa is a premium sports tourer and is powered by 1,299cc inline four engine which puts out 175bhp. It's famous for chasing the title of fastest production bike and was updated in 2008.

Suzuki Hayabusa

What Is It?

  • Weight makes it stable at most speeds, epic power on tap, easy to ride, useful under seat storage
  • Brakes, really needs a power commander, large, wide, heavy, optimised for legal+ speeds

The highly aerodynamic 'Busa was powered by a liquid cooled 1299cc inline four engine, producing 190bhp at 9,800 rpm. The engine is lauded for providing an abundance of power at any speed, which also makes it easier to ride.

Features include:

  • Aluminium twin spar frame (steel rear subframe from 2001)
  • Dual 320mm floating discs at the front with 6 piston calipers
  • 240mm disc at the rear with 2 piston calliper
  • Fully adjustable 43mm upside down fork
  • 6 speed transmission with high capacity clutch
  • Back torque limiter for smooth downshifts
  • Vertically stacked 60W high beam plus 55W halogen low beam
  • Lightweight 3 spoke aluminium wheels

Suzuki used their World Superbike experience to develop the frame, aluminium swing arm and low drag coefficient of the bike. The curves and hump at the back work with the riders body to let the bike slip through the air with minimum turbulence. The vertical stacked headlights also work towards the streamlining by providing a very narrow front end.

The end result swooped in and stole the title of fastest production bike from the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, shortly before the gentleman's agreement between the main players to limit top speeds to 186mph in 2000. The Kawasaki ZX-12R was also in the running for the title but the Busa won and became the fastest motorbike of the 20th century.

1999-2000 Busas are unrestricted and can hit 194 mph rather than the restricted 186 mph. This makes them slightly more collectable and as such they hold their value well.

In 2002 Suzuki launched the limited edition Midnight Falcon, to celebrate over 12,000 Busas sold in the USA. It was basically the same as the the standard bike but featured a black painted frame and swingarm.

2003 saw a move to gold coloured calipers, black forks and a new 32 bit ECM. The 2004 special edition featured solid red colour with black frame and stripped wheels however in 2007 Suzuki moved away from two tone colour schemes and towards the solid colours usually found on the limited editions.

There is no shortage of colour schemes:

  • 1999: Copper/silver, black/grey and black/red
  • 2000: Silver, red/silver and blue/silver
  • 2001: Red/silver, blue/silver and black/silver
  • 2002: Grey/silver, blue/black, blue/silver and limited edition black
  • 2003: Orange, red, grey/silver, plum/black, grey/black, blue/silver and blue/black
  • 2004: Black/blue, blue/silver, grey/black, plum/black, silver/grey and red special edition
  • 2005: Red/black, grey, blue, blue/silver, grey/black 
  • 2006: Blue/grey, red/black, grey/black and white/silver limited edition
  • 2007: Blue, red, black

Did You Know?

The 隼 Japanese symbol on the side means Peregrine Falcon, which are known for their circa 200mph vertical dives while hunting blackbirds and it's also known as the GSX1300R

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
1999 £3,450 £2,750 £2,400 18,000
2000 £3,500 £2,800 £2,450 17,600
2001 £3,550 £2,850 £2,500 17,100
2002 £3,700 £2,950 £2,600 16,600
2003 £3,850 £3,050 £2,700 16,000
2004 £4,000 £3,200 £2,800 15,300
2005 £4,200 £3,350 £2,950 14,600
2006 £4,500 £3,600 £3,150 13,900
2007 £4,850 £3,850 £3,400 13,000

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