Suzuki Intruder C800

  • Cruiser
  • A2 Licence from 19 with restrictor
  • Low Seat Height


  • Comfy low seat, bars and easy to park
  • Harley looks for half the price
  • Low centre of gravity


  • Low down grunt but keeps your licence
  • Fuel gauge accuracy
  • Long and wide
  • No rev counter


Power is provided by a liquid cooled 2 cylinder 45° four stroke V-Twin, achieving 52bhp at 6,000rpm and maximum torque at 3,200rpm. Power is available low down for easy riding and like the other Intruders torque is transmitted to the wheels via a reliable shaft drive.

Features include:

  • Steel frame
  • 200mm disc brake up front with Tokico 2 piston caliper
  • 180mm drum brake at the back
  • Front fork with 140mm travel
  • Rear shock
  • Rider floorboards
  • Fuel injection and electric starter
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • LED tail lights
  • 32 bit ECU

The C800 makes use of Suzuki's dual throttle valve fuel injection system from the GSX-R which gives you near instance response balanced with economy. Elsewhere the gear indicator is incorporated with the tank mounted fuel gauge, indicator and clock.

In terms of tyres we have 130/90-16M/C 67H up front and 170/80-15M/C 77H at the rear. The passenger seat can be easily removed for a solo cruiser look and Suzuki offer a number of accessories; sissy bar, studded seat, hard panniers and a number of soft saddlebag options. Beyond that there are short/tall screens and a light bar which adds two small lights either side for the triple look.

There are three versions of the bike available. The base C800 goes for £7,000 with wire wheels in red or black, while the  £7,300 C800C adds a custom two-tone white/silver scheme and  cast Aluminium wheels. For the same price you can also have the bad ass C800B B.O.S.S which comes in black with blacked out details and matt black exhaust system.

If we've missed something vital or got something laughably wrong about this model please let us know and we will love you forever.

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2001 £3,000 £2,400 £2,100 22,700
2002 £3,150 £2,500 £2,200 22,500
2003 £3,300 £2,650 £2,300 22,300
2004 £3,450 £2,800 £2,450 21,900
2005 £3,650 £2,900 £2,550 21,400
2006 £3,850 £3,050 £2,700 20,800
2007 £4,000 £3,200 £2,800 20,000
2008 £4,200 £3,400 £2,950 19,100
2009 £4,400 £3,550 £3,100 18,000
2010 £4,650 £3,700 £3,250 16,700
2011 £4,850 £3,900 £3,400 15,300
2012 £5,050 £4,050 £3,550 13,800
2013 £5,300 £4,250 £3,700 12,000
2014 £5,550 £4,450 £3,900 10,100
2015 £5,750 £4,600 £4,050 4,100
2016 £6,000 £4,800 £4,200 3,100

Prices Updated: 18th February 2018

Year shows signs of appreciation

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Reviewed by John, Suzuki Intruder Owners Club UK

I bought my C800 Intruder new in September 2013 after nearly 40 years away from motor bikes. I liked the retro styling and looked at numerous bikes with similar styling for months before buying and choosing the Suzuki. My first choice was a Harley Davison Soft Tail but could not afford the extra £7000 plus that it would cost. I have since had a test ride on a HD and found the vibration on tick over awful and the bike very heavy but what a joy to ride, the torque and power compared to my bike was awesome, mind you it was nearly 1000cc bigger.

It took me a few months to get use to the riding the bike but after two and a half years into it, it is my pride and joy and gives me great pleasure especially since I retired early last year. I have added a full screen to it which helps keep the wind of me and a set of hard panniers to help with carrying a small amount around with me if needed.

On tick over the bike is very smooth with no vibration, driving off and changing gears there is always a small clunk each time I change. The Intruder rides vibration free throughout its rev range and has reasonable torque and power when needed. The front brake is great and although there is only a drum on the rear and I was a bit worried that it would not be up to scratch but I have had no problems with it. Mind you I am more of a Sunday rider than all out racer. It cruises well at 60 mph with little wind hitting me but at 70mph you can feel the wind buffeting you about, without the screen it is a lot worst, but I do have a very long back and short legs. Mind you, if I wanted to race about I suppose I would of bought something more suitable.

For me it has a very comfortable riding position with feet forward and straight back. Paint work on the bike is holding out well but the chrome is not so good. The chrome on the side stand is pretty poor and is showing signs of age with bits of rust on it, this was evident before 12 months so I should of taken it back to dealer I bought the bike from but didn't and the chrome on the wheels needs constant cleaning to keep the rust at bay. It is used purely for pleasure so is only on the road when it is dry and not to cold.

One of the main reasons I opted for the C800 was the shaft drive and I find it superb. I have done 4,800 miles on it with two services done at a small independent bike garage, the first service was £75 (Suzuki dealer £220) second service £95, did not enquire at the Suzuki dealer for the price of the service but I assume it would of been a lot more than £95. It is now due another service which will be about the same price as the second service.

The bike always starts first time even after periods of 3 or 4 weeks of no use, but is kept in a garage when not in use. Insurance is £130 with breakdown cover, helmet and leathers replacement included (Carol Nash).

Would I have another one?  Well I have been looking and was offered a very good deal at the dealer I bought my Suzuki from replacing it with a Kawasaki VN900 Special but in the end did not do the deal simply because I think my Suzuki looks better, I am still looking and like the 1500cc bigger brother in the Suzuki Intruder family. Watch this space...

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How many bikes like this are around, by year of production, including those licensed for use on the road and those off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Year On The Road Off The Road Total Around
2001 56 29 85
2002 119 63 182
2003 168 74 242
2004 136 71 207
2005 98 45 143
2006 99 39 138
2007 95 21 116
2008 122 18 140
2009 2 0 2
2010 55 5 60
2011 53 4 57
2012 41 3 44
2013 87 3 90


RM/2006/005, issued 01/02/2006, affected 565 bikes

An ignition wiring connector that is located under the fuel tank may separate causing the engine to fail.

Vehicle Ids:

JS1BM111200101117 to JS1BM111200101357
JS1B4111200100271 to JS1B4111200100305
JS1B4111200100002 to JS1B4111200100270
JS1BM111200101358 to JS1BM111200101388