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Yamaha Tracer 700 GT Review (2019)


Yamaha Tracer 700 GT

It is proving to be quite capable of longer trips away. Four days in the highlands was no problem and it is equally suited to going out for a quick fun ride.
- Rating: 10 / 10

What Is It?

The Yamaha Tracer 700 GT is an A2 licence friendly sports tourer and is powered by a liquid cooled 689 cc parallel twin engine, producing 74 bhp at 9,000 rpm and maximum torque at 6,500 rpm.


  • Seat Height: Average (835 mm / 32.9 inches)
  • Weight: Average (200 kg / 441 lbs)
  • Economy: Good (60 mpg / 4.7 l/100km / 21.2 km/l)
  • Range: High (220 miles / 354 km)
  • Power to Weight: Average (0.370 bhp/kg / 0.276 kW/kg)
  • Top Speed: High (120 mph / 193 km/h)


  • Leaves a smile
  • Fun to ride
  • Capable
  • Comfy
  • Looks
  • Value


  • No centre stand
  • Sump finish
  • Front brake
  • Rear shock
  • Headlight

What Is It Like?

Yamaha Tracer 700 GT

Compared To The Tracer 700

I purchased my Tracer 700 in April 2019, a new bike ordered from the local dealer. I ordered a Tracer 700 GT but due to the GT pack being on back order I essentially started out on the standard Tracer.

Initial thoughts were positive, it's nice and comfy, I liked the upright sitting position and the wind protection was adequate but not outstanding with the standard screen. The seat felt comfy in the 700 miles I did before GT pack was fitted.

The GT Pack

When the GT pack arrived, comprising the comfort seat, tall screen, sunshade for dash and panniers, it was fitted at the first service (£140) along with Yamaha’s own power outlet. I find the larger screen provides better wind protection and I fitted a small clip on wind deflector as well to top off the wind protection. I prefer the comfort seat, and after a day riding find I don’t feel as sore as the standard seat.

Pannier wise you get two 20 litre boxes colour coded to the bike, to take them on and off is simple and they fit securely. Pannier liner bags are available for about £30 (non-genuine ones).


The engine is nice and responsive, revving easily to the redline and giving plenty of power out of corners. On my four day tour of the Highlands it never felt lacking. Motorways are also nice and comfortable sitting at 70 mph. Looking at handling the bike feels nice, light and easy to move around on with the standard Pilot Sport 4’s giving good confidence in the corners.

The brakes are good with ABS as standard, although the front brake doesn’t have lots of feeling but it does bring the bike to a halt well. My only real complaint with the bike is that the rear suspension starts to struggle when the road surface is poor, and it feels like the shock is struggling to keep up with quick repeated bumps.


The under-seat storage isn’t the best but you can squeeze quite a few bits and bobs into the various voids under there. At first I thought I wouldn’t get anything in but be creative and you will be surprised, use the space between the frame and panels to fit small cans of chain lube, rags etc.

Yamaha Tracer 700 GT


I have fitted a few accessories to help with protection and touring. A set of HEED crash bars protect the fairing as well as the engine casings. They also came with a small set of storage bags which Velcro to the crash bars giving extra storage.

Yamaha heated grips were fitted when I bought the bike and nicely integrate to the bike with the control on the grips, I also find they get hot enough. A radiator guard is recommended as it is quite exposed and a rear hugger extension helps keep some of the muck off the rear shock.


It is proving to be quite capable of longer trips away. Four days in the highlands was no problem and it is equally suited to going out for a quick fun ride. The equipment is basic but that is what I wanted, get on, start up and go. The dash display is clear, simple and gives two trip computers, air temp, oil temp and average MPG.


  • Comfy
  • Fun to ride
  • Looks (personal opinion of course!)
  • Leaves a smile


  • Some paint has ripped off the sump after 2,000 miles
  • Rear shock but upgrades are available
  • Front brake could have a little more feeling

- Ben P, 2019

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