Yamaha MT-09 Sport Tracker (2014) Real World Review


Yamaha Sport Tracker

In A mode it is an absolute wheelie machine. I suppose this can be a con too, so if you're not into that you may as well get a tamer bike or just keep it in STD mode.

- Rating: 8 / 10
Looks, engine, it's based on the awesome MT-09
×Snatchy throttle, seat, economy
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What Is It?

The MT-09 Sport Tracker is an accessorised variant of the successful naked MT-09 bike, including side number boards, a front deflector and special seat.

Engine: 847 cc Triple, 113 bhp

Economy: 45 mpg

Range: 140 miles

Seat Height: 815 mm

What Is It Like?

Yamaha Sport Tracker


It has a ridiculous amount of torque. This can be tamed in B mode very nicely, so it doesn't have to be a beast all of the time and it also allows for smoother riding at low speeds. I can ride slow in 3rd gear all day and still have plenty of usable power in town so I don't have to keep changing gear and feathering the clutch. Fueling in B mode is excellent and very smooth.

In A mode it is an absolute wheelie machine. I suppose this can be a con too, so if you're not into that you may as well get a tamer bike or just keep it in STD mode.


The bike comes with Bridgestone S20 tyres which are an excellent for grip. They don't last as long as others but I'd rather pay a bit extra for more grip. I think the 2016 model comes with S21's which are supposed to last longer.


A lot of people say the suspension isn't very good and is too soft. This totally depends on where you live. I live in London with tons of bumpy roads and potholes so the softer suspension is fine for me. I just set the rear shock as stiff as it can go and it's a very good setup me. So thumbs up for city riding.


It looks great and pictures don't really do it justice. People are always coming up to me saying how nice it looks.


The riding position is very comfortable. I don't get aching wrists or back pain whilst riding even for long periods.

Yamaha Sport Tracker


It's not loud enough. I do get worried sometimes that if people don't see me then they should at least hear me, but the stock exhaust is so quiet.

Aftermarket exhausts are very expensive, slip on exhausts require cutting the stock can off and you need to be pretty knowledgeable to get a new can to fit snugly. The only alternative is a full exhaust system, but for a decent quality one it's going to set you back around £600 minimum.

Running Costs

Insurance is very high. I'm 22 and I paid around £1,100 for my premium. Considering I paid £260 the year before for a Honda Hornet which only has about 15 less bhp.

Economy is not great but that's not really what you expect from a bike like this. I ride fairly economically most of the time and I get 40mpg.

Any Downsides?

A mode and STD mode are extremely jerky at low speeds and in first gear. This has something to do with the oxygen sensor which kicks into eco mode at low throttle.

It can also cause power surges which aren't pleasant, especially in a corner. Small mods can be bought to trick the ECU into disabling the oxygen sensor, which completely removes this issue and I would highly recommend doing that.

The rear mudguard and chain cover seem to be made out of flimsy plastic which scratches very easily.

During long rides the seat can start to get painful and uncomfortable.

To Sum Up

The brakes could be better. But again, when you consider the price that's not really a surprise. Overall it offers great value for money.

- Nick M, 2016

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