Moto Guzzi V85 TT Review


Moto Guzzi V85 TT

It's pretty to look at with a sense of being alive compared to the generic and sterile adventure bike competitors.

- Rating: 10 / 10
Looks, build quality, cool LED running light, TFT dash, brakes, suspension
×Can get hot in traffic, gearbox, screen, needs a front hugger

What Is It?

The Moto Guzzi V85 is a premium shaft driven adventure bike with a cool retro look.

Engine: 853 cc transversely mounted V-Twin, 79 bhp

Economy: 55 mpg

Range: 280 miles

Seat Height: 830 mm

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What Is It Like?

Moto Guzzi V85 TT

Why I Chose The V85 TT (2019)

After the last 10 years on Harleys, I decided I needed something a little different, but which still had that soul and classic look I love. Something a little more modern feeling with brakes and suspension that worked.

Most adventure bikes look dull, designed by a committee with a modern, staid look. Not this one.

Chassis And Suspension

Its 80s looks and build quality are great with lovely attention to detail. The suspension feels comfortable, very smooth and compared to my previous bikes is very plush. Its nimble, lightweight with the Michelin Anakee tyres having plenty of grip.

Engine And Gearbox

The oil cooled V-Twin engine is a huge reason to love this bike. The best way to describe it is it feels mechanical and alive like a Harley but smoother, quicker and more modern.

The gearbox is smooth however doesn’t like changing until it's warm and needs to be at least 4,000 revs when shifting to avoid clunks changing up.

Brakes And Fuel Economy

The Brembo brakes are simply amazing on the V85. Powerful but not startling with good feel. Fuel economy is good and I get around 260 miles to a tank.


Cruise control and TFT dash are simple, intuitive and work well. Three engine modes (rain, road, off road) are distinct and simple.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT

Any Downsides?

It doesn’t like traffic. If it sits in it for long periods it starts to overheat so it's not ideal for London commuting.

Would I Change Anything?

Well it's in dire need of a front hugger as the high front mudguard is useless. Luckily an Aprilia Caponord one bolts straight on. The standard screen is also for aesthetics only and if you're touring, you’ll need something bigger.

To Sum Up

It may be due to the fact that I've just hit the big 40 that the 80’s looks really appeals to me. It's minimalist, unfussy and well thought out.

It's pretty to look at with a sense of being alive compared to the generic and sterile adventure bike competitors. It’s very well built but does have its quirks and Italian temperament (in heavy traffic) but that’s part of its charm and what you sign up for with a Guzzi.

Go and find a decent dealer and try one – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

- Roland S, 2019

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