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Honda X-ADV

Here is a funny quote from an ex R1200GS rider. I asked him why he sold his GS and bought the X-ADV? Less than half the price and twice the fun!

- Rating: 10 / 10
Looks, comfort, economy, storage, excellent DCT gearbox
×Check your full face helmet fits, quite pricey new
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What Is It?

The Honda X-ADV is a premium maxi scooter with some serious touring and light off-road credentials.

Engine: 745 cc Parallel Twin, 54 bhp

Economy: 70 mpg

Range: 200 miles

Seat Height: 820 mm

What Is It Like?

Honda X-ADV

Impressive and Capable

I purchased the Honda X-ADV 2018 in late July after contemplating a few options as my NC750X over two and a half years already had 85,000 miles on it and I am planning to ride to Europe from Bangkok, Thailand in 2019.

After a few Test Rides I was convinced that this "Motorcycle " would make a great Touring Bike and so far it has exceeded my expectations.

When I put it on order at Honda BigWing in Bangkok, I set about purchasing all the accessories that I wanted to Install and my set up is based on Touring so I'm looking for protection, comfort and visibility.

I contacted a friend who is a certified motorcycle mechanic and asked him if he could do all the installations for me and I would assist him to learn. It took two full days and making sure that all the lights and accessories were connected into the fuse box. The outcome was awesome.

Honda X-ADV

The Ride

Once I upgraded the front fork springs, I could feel a difference especially off road and riding through Laos where on a recent 4,000 mile trip, four BMW R1200GS went down and one X-ADV slid off on a corner!!! No injuries.

I can ride comfortably up to 100mph for long periods which we did on the way to Zhangjiajie, China where they let us go on the highway. Normally riding is not allowed on highways in China.

The stability is excellent and the bike feels very comfortable even at these speeds. I'm already at 8,700 miles in three months and I changed the front tyre but I can say that the stock tyres are excellent, hold well and are not bad off road.

Honda X-ADV


Awesome, with up to 80mpg it's pretty tough to beat and with the increased RPM it has a little more zip than my NC750X. Also the X-ADV has four DCT modes but I usually ride in D and use the paddle for shifting when I feel it needs it. Honda's DCT is a brilliant system.


Well I get a lot of attention wherever I go because it's so different, looks scooterish but rides like a motorcycle.

Our recent trip to China was awesome and we went to the site where they filmed Avatar and the red Bull Wingsuit stunt flying through a hole in Tianmen Mountain. Long days, up to 460 miles per day but the comfort is great.

We had five X-ADV on the trip, riding in pouring rain at 11C, going through Laos and crap roads and some construction zones of wet red clay, The X-ADV is up to the challenge. I love this bike and looking forward to a ride in Myanmar in Dec and more in the New Year.

Honda X-ADV

To Sum Up

Here is a funny quote from an Ex BMW R1200GS rider who travelled with us and one of the best riders I have ever travelled with for the last four years.

I asked him why he sold his GS and bought the X-ADV? "Less than half the price and twice the fun" and he rides it like he stole it!!!

Honda X-ADV Accessories (about £2,400)

  • Adventure Pegs S Wolf
  • Handlebar Risers
  • Scott Oiler Touratech
  • Crash Bars S Wolf
  • Barkbusters Koala Rider
  • Driving Fog Lights Koala
  • White Flashing Lights from tart
  • Radiator Guard 2WT
  • Security Camera front & back Koala Rider
  • USB Accessory Plug, Koala Rider
  • Light wiring harness for Driving Lights, Koala
  • PIAA Horn from 2WT
  • Ram Mount 2WT
  • Ram Mount Ball attachment from lazada
  • Foot for Side Stand from Koala
  • Shad SH 23 Side Boxes , Racks, and Top Box Plate
  • Recharging Cable connection
  • YSS Front and Back Shock Upgrade

- Mike G, 2018

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