BMW F700GS For Sale

The BMW F700GS is a mid-range adventure bike and is powered by a 798cc parallel twin engine which puts out 75bhp. It's closely related to the F800GS.

What Is It?

  • Brakes, lightweight, comfortable
  • Suspension, gearbox, lights

BMW's entry level adventure bike is powered by a water cooled 798cc parallel twin engine putting out 75bhp at 7,300rpm and maximum torque at 5,300rpm.

Features include:

  • Aluminium swing arm
  • Dual 300mm discs up front
  • 265mm disc at the rear
  • ABS with off mode
  • Non-adjustable 41mm Showa fork with 170mm travel
  • Showa rear shock with pre-load adjustment and 170mm travel
  • Stainless Steel exhaust system
  • Side stand with cutoff switch
  • 12V socket and LED rear light
  • Adjustable brake and clutch levers
  • 6 speed gearbox

In terms of wheels the cast Aluminium 19" front takes a 110/80 tyre and the 17" rear wheel a 140/80. The standard screen is small however a large screen is available for £197 alongside a small tinted screen for £113.

Other options include restricting the power to 48bhp for A2 compliance (£0), low 790mm seat (£0), traction control/ASC (£310), electrically adjustable suspension (comfort/normal/sport) (£290), tyre pressure monitor (£210), lowered suspension with 765mm seat height (£175), two level heated grips (£240), centre stand (£130), onboard computer (£160) and 835mm comfort seat (£100).

  • Dynamic Package (£705): traction control/ASC, electrically adjustable suspension and tyre pressure control.
  • Comfort Package (£525): heated grips, onboard computer, centre stand and pannier mounts.

There's also a headlight guard (£56), Akrapovic silencer (£645), engine bar (£273), belly pan (£197) and a variety of hand guards.

2017: Standard and optional Akrapovic end can adapted to meet Euro 4 regs, which actually looks much nicer. Rain and Road riding modes now standard with side reflectors on fork. Changes also affect F800GS and F800GS Adventure.

  • 2012-2017: White, grey, blue, red
  • 2018: Blue (white frame), white (red frame), grey (red frame)

Did You Know?

BMW offer a police version - check the pics above

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2012 £4,950 £3,950 £3,450 12,100
2013 £4,950 £3,950 £3,500 11,100
2014 £5,150 £4,150 £3,600 10,000
2015 £5,500 £4,400 £3,850 9,000
2016 £5,950 £4,750 £4,200 4,100
2017 £6,550 £5,250 £4,600 3,100

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How many bikes like this are around, by year of production, including those licensed for use on the road and those off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Year On The Road Off The Road Total Around
2012 68 8 76
2013 218 18 236
2014 108 9 117
2015 107 4 111


RM/2013/016, issued 01/07/2013, affected 207 bikes

The mounting of the side-stand switch with a circlip is insufficient. As a result of this, the side-stand switch may work loose and be damaged. If the side-stand switch does not function correctly, the engine is no longer switched off when the side-stand is extended and a gear engaged. It would be possible for the driver to drive off with the side stand extended.

  • Build Dates: 01/07/2011 to 18/10/2012
  • Vehicle Ids: WB10B0100DZZ75699 to WB10B020XDZ002411

RM/2014/007, issued 01/04/2014, affected 1,407 bikes

Rain/moisture may enter the side stand switch and cause the engine to cut out or not to start.

  • Build Dates: 28/11/2012 to 11/10/2013