Zontes T 310 Review

Zontes T 310

Value for money, electric screen / fuel cap, protection, cool exhaust, light
×No TFT dash, lack of aftermarket parts, smallish front wheel
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What Is It?

The Zontes T 310 is an A2 friendly adventure bike and is an awful lot of bike for the money.

Engine: 312 cc Single Cylinder, 35 bhp

Economy: 60 mpg

Range: 200 miles

Seat Height: 840 mm

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What Is It Like?

Zontes T 310

Choosing The T 310

After a long time without an motorcycle I decided to buy another one and I wanted an adventure bike that could also be used off-road. The choice was between the BMW G310GS and the Zontes T310.

I didn't need a massive engine because I want to use the full power when accelerating without reaching extremely high speeds.

So I took a test ride with both the BMW and the Zontes, but the Zontes has in my opinion a better finish and is more comfortable to ride.

What's Good?

The 310 is for me the perfect bike with good balance, great road handling and a decent seating position. For a 312 cc it has enough power in the city and on country roads.

Also, the electronic gadgets, such as the adjustable windshield, fuel cap, saddle are definitely a positive. What I do miss is a colour TFT screen but with the new generation this is already present, and I hope you can simply upgrade to this screen.

Any Downsides?

The only negative thing I can say for the moment is that there are not many aftermarket accessories yet, like a more sporty exhaust. I'm sure this will be offered in the future.


I'm currently personalising it to make it a little more sporty and unique.

- Marc DM, 2019

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