Honda SH300i

Honda SH300i Review

What Is It?

The 2007 Honda SH300i is an A2 licence friendly premium scooter which was updated in 2011 and 2015.

Engine: 280 cc Single Cylinder, 27 bhp

Economy: 65 mpg, 130 miles

Top Speed: 95 mph

Seat Height: 785 mm

Wet Weight: 169 kg

Price: £4,100

Honda SH300i For Sale

The Review

Nippy engine, easy to filter, big wheels
× Comfort, storage space

SH300i 10 Plate

I love the SH model and have also had the SH125 that got me back into biking 14 years ago but I've got to take it easy now. Health has made me hang up my boots on the big bikes.

What can I say it's old school in looks (which I'm fine with), not great for room under the seat but I have the Honda top box as well and the foot well for the odd case of dog food lol so room for me is okay

I have the windscreen which I like a lot. At my age (56) it's not about looks, it's about what it does. I don`t mind looking like the old boy I am lol.


Well it keeps up to all in the same class and more so nothing wrong there. They use the same engine in the Forza my friend has, who just got the 2018 model and that also is a great bike. It brakes well, has ABS and does it very well so nothing to fear from this bike.


I really like the size of them at 16" and they give you a nice safe feel on the road.


I picked my 2010 up for £1800 with 5500 miles on it and it was like new. You can get some good deals on them and myself I feel the SH model gets overlooked to quickly for the other models out there but it does it all very well and being a Honda it's very easy to do a oil change yourself etc.

The style of the SH is great. In fact previously I owned a PCX but sold that and got a PES125 as I missed the footwell that much, then this came up and I had to have it.

If you're looking for a 300cc scooter you can't go wrong with this bike, it simply does it all. The speed is easy to keep on the motorway all day long and it's small to nip in and out of traffic. To me that's a must as it's no good having a big 300cc that is hard to thread between cars. The only downside is the seat which could have a bit more comfort in it but that's only a small thing. Out of ten I would give the bike a nine.

- Ricky C, 2018

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2007 £2,150 £1,700 £1,500 10,900
2008 £2,200 £1,750 £1,550 10,200
2009 £2,250 £1,800 £1,600 9,400
2010 £2,400 £1,900 £1,650 8,600

Honda SH300i For Sale

How Does It Compare?

The Second Opinion

I originally bought my 2008 Honda SH300 as a commuter scoot – whilst my commute at the time wasn't long, it did include some very fast dual carriageways where decent performance was needed. In essence the SH300 is a bonkers (very Italian) idea – take a little pizza delivery scooter and squeeze a big grunty Motocross engine in! The Engine is the best bit of the scoot – whilst it betrays its Motocross origins by not being the smoothest sweetest engine out there, boy does it go well! It was great fun doing somewhat illegal speeds in the outside lane of the dual carriageway on a little tiny scoot overtaking riders of big bikes! Economy was good as well – I got around 70mpg, though riding it in strong crosswinds wasn't pleasant.

However, there were downsides -  basically I found it very uncomfortable. I'm only average size but I found it terribly cramped and when I got it only had a tiny screen which made winter riding a severely freezing experience! I got a Honda accessory screen, which was itself too tall, and needing cutting down, but it made life more bearable. The riding sensation is odd, as you are very upright and the scoot is very small, so you can't see anything in front of you and you have to look sharply down to see the instruments seemingly underneath you. The odd riding position made fitting handlebar muffs difficult as your hands have to reach rather more down towards the bars rather than forward as on most scoots.

The lack of storage on my version of the SH300 was a real pain – only a useless tiny space under the seat (I believe that newer versions are far far better in this respect) and the Honda accessory topbox wasn't that big. Ride quality was only OK – it was quite firmly setup, which probably made the handling quite decent, but didn't help comfort.

So for me, the SH300 had its qualities, but the lack of comfort eventually eroded my feelings for it. When it was taken from me by a car driver who decided that the rules of priority at roundabouts didn't apply to them, I wasn't that bothered about it being written off.

- Tim B, 2016