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Honda PCX125 Review


Stylish, very economical, quiet, great brakes and headlights
× Only some helmets fit under the seat, glove box doesn't lock

Honda PCX125 For Sale

What Is It?

The 2014 Honda PCX125 is a mid-range maxi scooter which often tops the sales charts. It was first released in 2010, with updates in 2012 and 2018.

Engine: 125 cc Single Cylinder, 11 bhp

Economy: 120 mpg, 210 miles

Top Speed: 65 mph

Seat Height: 760 mm

Wet Weight: 130 kg

Price: £2,600

What Is It Like?

Honda PCX125

I am almost 1 year and almost 7,000 miles into riding my 2015 Honda PCX125 which I bought shiny and new from the dealer. My first impressions of the PCX were that is was a great and amazing bike and one of the best 125cc scooters out there.

Honda PCX125

After riding the bike for almost a year and being in one low speed slide due to very bad weather, honestly I still feel the same as when I first got the bike. I am still in love with my little scooter. And yes, I know like anything, it's not perfect, but I feel it's pretty damn close.

Honda PCX125

First off, the comfort of this bike is amazing. I have used the PCX for both long and short rides, whilst also using it to commute to work (15-30 miles). Another positive about this bike is the running costs. I average around 115-120 mpg and coupled with the 8 litre tank, only costs me around £7.50 (UK) to fill up. This can then last me around 2 weeks, which to me seems very cost effective.

Honda PCX125

However, like most things the PCX does have its flaws. For example, the underseat storage is lacking if you have larger than a medium helmet, I was required to add additional storage in the form of a top box to fit my helmet.

Honda PCX125

Another issue, which only applies if you do a lot of dual carriageway travel, is the top speed of 60-65 mph. Meaning you will be unable to keep up with traffic, and when it comes to hills your speed will only reduce further.

My final issue with the PCX, is that the glove box doesn’t lock, leaving you unable to safely store anything valuable in it unattended.

Honda PCX125

Overall, taking into consideration all the pros and cons I have personally found, I believe the PCX is an amazing bike, which I have found to be excellent value for money. Whether you're looking for a starter bike, an easy way to commute, or just for fun rides out, i'm sure you'll enjoy the PCX as much as I do.

- Martin (Big Ms Motovlog), 2017

Honda PCX125 For Sale

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2014 £1,750 £1,400 £1,250 9,000
2015 £1,850 £1,500 £1,300 6,800
2016 £2,000 £1,600 £1,400 5,100
2017 £2,150 £1,750 £1,500 3,700

How Does It Compare?

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The Second Opinion

6 months in here, 2015 PCX150 new from the dealer. So far so good and I've dropped it twice so that shows something. Have done both the 1k and 4k service, nothing was out of spec and I like to ride a mix of gentle cruise and wide open throttle (150cc thrills).

Honestly there's been no small or major issue with the bike. Small areas rust primarily on the exhaust ends/weld points, and a small amount on the brake disc and caliper. Though these are some of the most exposed areas of the bike so it's to be expected and nothing that one could not remove, though i am keeping an eye on this.

The two drops were both at relatively low speed (6mph and 12mph) and the good thing about fairings is that they tend to protect all the important bits (coolant, forks, wheels/tyres, engine etc). As well the fairings held up fine in terms of structural integrity.

I generally inspect the bike around once a week or whenever washing it (maybe every 2-4 weeks) for rust spots on bolts and other important bits, and to make sure the levels feel nicely lubricated etc. Overall she's a hardy beast as long as you don't neglect her for too long. She's mainly garaged over night, and spends each day parked at work in the sun all day.

- Sasso, 2016

Honda PCX125 For Sale

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