Aprilia Tuono 125

Aprilia Tuono 125 Review

What Is It?

The 2017 Aprilia Tuono is a premium learner friendly naked bike that's closely related to the sporty RS125. 

Engine: 124 cc Single Cylinder, 15 bhp

Economy: 60 mpg, 190 miles

Top Speed: 80 mph

Seat Height: 810 mm

Wet Weight: 145 kg

RRP: £4,600

Aprilia Tuono 125 For Sale

What Is It Like?

Cool exhaust, big bike size, looks good and goes well
× Disturbing gap under the radiator, no fuel level indicator, tyres

I bought the bike brand new in September 2017. First day of having the bike I got home and one of the wires in the right hand indicator came loose which stopped both indicators working.

When running the bike in you really need to be careful with your gear choice because in the low end of the RPM there's very little torque. After the run in period (around 600 miles) the bike in the higher end of the rev range pulled very well.

It has a very large fuel tank, but the range on the tank really does vary, the lowest I've had out of one tank is around 150 miles. It doesn't help there is no fuel level indicator. There is a low fuel light which in the manual says you have around 15 miles left of fuel, but don't rely on that. I've had 30 miles after the light came on for the first time.

After 6 months of owning the bike my CDI unit had failed but replaced under warranty and other than that no issues. I have had a max speed of 83MPH, but easily will cruise at 60/70 MPH.

The tyres are great in the dry but all confidence goes as soon as the ground is slightly wet. ABS as standard (only on the front). My front brake disc and the front of the forks have both got rust on already, which is very disappointing. But the bike is a great runner and rides great. It looks amazing and people often think its a bigger bike.

I have changed my handle bar grips and mirrors as the bike feels very wide for a 125 with the standard grips and mirrors. I have also fitted 2 LED bulbs on my dip beam as the standard are not very good. The main beam lights up the road far ahead great, but you can not see a thing right in front of you. Also the main beam indicator on the dash does dazzle you because it is a very bright blue light. Never had that problem before on any previous bike. I have also fitted a new tail tidy and LED indicators to make them more bright and visible. The OEM tail is very large too so I recommend changing it.

Good Points:

  • Looks
  • Size
  • Colour (Red)
  • Riding position

Bad Points:

  • Build quality
  • Tyres
  • Lack of rear ABS

Bits I've Changed:

  • Tail tidy
  • LED head lights
  • LED indicators, number plate light
  • Handle bar grips
  • Mirrors

Bits To Get Changed:

  • Tyres
  • Exhaust

- Nick J, 2018

Aprilia Tuono 125 For Sale

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2017 £3,500 £2,800 £2,450 3,700
2018 £3,050 £2,450 £2,150 2,100

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