Honda CBF125 For Sale

The 2008 Honda CBF125 is a popular learner friendly semi-faired bike and is powered by a 125cc single cylinder engine which puts out 11bhp. It evolved into the naked CB125F in 2015.

Honda CBF125

What Is It?

  • Stylish, practical, reliable, seat, comfort, handling, wind protection, quiet, economical
  • Suspension, power, brakes, finish quality, prone to drop damage, tyres

Launched in 2008 the CBF125 replaced the outgoing CG125. The sportier CBR125R is only marginally more powerful at 13bhp and has a few better components but in reality they are about as fast up to 40mph.

For town riding you won't see much real world difference and the CBF is not only comfier but cheaper too. The model proved incredibly popular with learners due to the cheap price, cheap insurance, ease of use and incredible fuel economy.

The single cylinder, 124.7cc four stroke, air-cooled engine achieves 11.1bhp at 8,000rpm. You get a half fairing but it's more about looks than going faster.

Features include:

  • Fuel injection
  • 240mm front disc brake with 2 piston caliper
  • Rear drum brake
  • Twin rear shocks
  • Five speed gearbox
  • Speedometer and fuel gauge

Accessories include 26L/35L top boxes, a higher windscreen and heated grips. An after market full fairing is available.

Available colours: Red, black and white.

Did You Know?

The CBF125 is manufactured by Honda's Indian subsidiary (HMSI) and in the Indian market the bike is known as the Stunner.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2008 £1,500 £1,200 £1,050 9,800
2009 £1,400 £1,150 £1,000 9,100
2010 £1,450 £1,150 £1,000 8,300
2011 £1,500 £1,200 £1,050 7,500
2012 £1,550 £1,250 £1,100 6,600
2013 £1,600 £1,300 £1,150 5,700
2014 £1,700 £1,400 £1,200 4,700

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