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BMW C Evolution
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Insurance Costs: 9 of 10
Launch RRP: £13,500

What Is It?

The BMW C Evolution is a premium maxi scooter and is powered by an electric motor which puts out 47 bhp peak power and 15 bhp continuous power, with top speed limited to 75 mph. In the UK the continuous power is on the limit for the A1 licence and peak torque appears almost instantly.

Features include:

  • Dual 270 mm discs up front with two piston calipers
  • 270 mm disc at the rear with two piston caliper
  • Bosch 9M ABS and traction control
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • 40 mm upside down fork with 120 mm travel
  • Rear shock with 7 stage adjustable pre-load and 115 mm travel
  • Side stand operated parking brake
  • LED daytime running light, taillight, indicators
  • Reverse gear, 12V socket
  • Four ride modes (re-gen / coasting / braking)

Charge can be topped up from any domestic power supply and a full charge takes 3-4 hours although 75% charge is reached in under an hour. It also cleverly recovers energy through re-generative braking and when coasting with the throttle closed.

The battery is actually three lithium-ion cells from the BMW i3 car, which itself uses eight of them. They are so chunky that the bike frame is basically replaced by the battery casing, with everything else bolted on. It's also where a lot of the weight ends up being centralised so it's nice and low down.

To cool the batteries there is an air shaft through the middle and the bottom of the bike has something similar to a CPU heat sink aligned to the direction of travel so the airflow sucks the heat away.

Electric vehicles tend to get very shiny displays and the C Evolution is no exception. The large colour TFT screen tells you speed, power consumption, battery status and range taking into account the currently selected ride mode.

Storage isn't as good as the C650 Sport or GT, mostly due to the space the batteries take up, but it can still take one full face helmet. It is however a really well equipped scooter and has two glove boxes like the other C Series models. The 15" wheels take a 120/70 tyre up front and 160/60 at the rear.

Options include an 800 mm comfort seat (£100), alarm (£210) and heated grips (£240).

2017: New model with improved batteries from the new i3 car, increased range from 60 miles to 75 miles. New silvery blue and black colours.

2018: Silver / green paint scheme replaced with smarter black / grey colours.

Review In A Few

What's Good?

  • High tech, quiet, a glimpse into the future

Any Downsides?

  • Batteries eat into storage space


Peak Power: 36 kW / 48.3 bhp

Continuous Power: 11 kW / 14.8 bhp

Top Speed: 75 mph / 121 km/h (average)

Range: 60 miles / 97 km (low)

Capacity: 8.0 kWh

Slow Charge: 4.0 hours

Seat Height: 780 mm / 30.7 inches (low)

Wet Weight: 265 kg / 584 pounds (very heavy)


More Info

Check out this 700 mile video review from My BMW C Evolution.

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