BMW C Evolution For Sale

The BMW C Evolution is a premium maxi scooter and is powered by an A2 licence friendly electric motor which puts out 48bhp peak power.

BMW C Evolution

What Is It?

  • The future
  • Batteries eat into storage space

The C evolution is powered by a liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor, powered by a 3 cell air-cooled battery and top speed is electronically limited to 75mph. Charge can be topped up from any domestic power supply and a full charge takes 3-4 hours although 75% charge is reached in under an hour. It also cleverly recovers energy through re-generative breaking and when coasting with the throttle closed.

Features include:

  • 4 riding modes (hills take on a whole new meaning)
    • Road: max acceleration, 50% regeneration coasting and 100% braking
    • Eco Pro: restricted acceleration, 100% regeneration, +10-20% range
    • Sail: max acceleration, 0% coasting and 100% braking
    • Dynamic: max acceleration and some regeneration
  • Dual 270mm discs up front with 2 piston calipers
  • 270mm disc at the rear with 2 piston caliper
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • 40mm upside down telescopic fork with 120mm travel
  • Rear shock with 7 stage adjustable pre-load and 115mm travel
  • Enclosed final drive belt
  • Bosch 9M ABS and traction control (TCA) [like ASC on BMW bikes]
  • 15" Aluminium wheels with 120/70 up front and 160/60 at the rear
  • Side stand operated parking brake
  • Reverse gear to help parking
  • LED daytime running light and rear light cluster
  • LED indicators in mirror stalks
  • 55W halogen headlights
  • 12 volt power socket
  • Tinted screen

The battery is actually three lithium-ion cells from the BMW i3 car, which itself uses eight of them. They are so chunky that the bike frame is basically replaced by the battery casing, with everything else bolted on (check out the pics above). It's also where a lot of the weight lies so it's nice and low down. To cool the batteries there is an air shaft through the centre of the three and the bottom of the casing/bike has something similar to a CPU heatsink aligned to the direction of travel so the airflow sucks the heat away.

Electric vehicles tend to get very shiny displays and the evolution is no exception. The large colour TFT screen tells you speed, power consumption, battery status and range taking into account the currently selected ride mode.

The rated power output is 15 hp, with a peak output of 48bhp, which means it technically falls under the A1 licence. Power builds in an unnervingly linear way to 4,500rpm and then starts to tail off, with peak torque from standstill to the same point; basically if goes like the clappers from a standing start due to the torque from the electric motor and is therefore great in town.

Storage isn't as good as the C650 Sport or GT, mostly due to the space the batteries take up, but it can still take one full face helmet. It is however a really well equipped scooter and has two glove boxes like the other C Series models. Options include an 800mm comfort seat (£100), alarm (£210) and heated grips (£240).

2017: New model with improved batteries from the new i3 car, increasing range from around 60 miles to around 75 miles. There is a new colour scheme as well, matching silvery blue with the original lime green and finished with black.

2018: Silver/green paint scheme replaced with smarter black/grey colours

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