BMW R nineT Pure


  • Easy to customise


  • Suspension, no gear position indicator


It's powered by an air cooled 1,170cc two cylinder Boxer engine which develops 110bhp at 7,750rpm and maximum torque at 6,000rpm. It's Euro 4 compliant and RRP is £9,990.

Features include:

  • Steel tubular frame
  • Dual 320mm discs with Brembo 2 piston calipers up front
  • Rear 265mm disc with 2 piston caliper
  • ABS system
  • 43mm standard fork with 125mm travel
  • Pre-load adjustable rear Paralever suspension with 120mm travel
  • White indicators and LED rear light
  • Shaft final drive and 6 speed gearbox
  • Brushed Stainless Steel 2->1 exhaust system
  • Adjustable clutch and brake levers
  • Power socket

Compared to the standard R nineT the seat is 20mm higher, the wheels are cast Aluminium rather than wire spoked, the brakes are a slightly lower spec, the dash only has a single clock with no rev counter and the forks are standard. The tank is also slightly smaller and made from Steel rather than brushed AluminiumIt's essentially the same bike as the cafe racer style R nineT Racer and closely related to the taller R nineT Scrambler.

Options include traction control (Automatic Stability Control / ASC, £310), wire spoked wheels (£330), Chrome exhaust pipe (£90), white LED indicators (£100), heated grips (£240), rev counter, cylinder head covers, bar ends and an alarm. There are also two optional weave finishes for the Aluminium fuel tank for £920 or £1,020.

The 5 spoke cast Aluminium 17" wheels take a 120/70 tyre at the front and 180/55 at the rear. Check out the range of accessories from SW Motech.

  • 2017: Grey
  • 2018: Grey, black/gold, white/black

2018: A host of BMW Motorrad Spezial finish items are available including black/gold cylinder head covers and seat side plates (check the pics above). Dynamic brake light now standard.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2017 £8,900 £7,100 £6,250 2,100

Prices Updated: 19th August 2018

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BMW R nineT Pure

Im 66 and spent most of my early days like a lot of old codgers riding bikes, racing bikes, photographing and writing about them. During the 70s and early 80s I acquired a special love for BMW and owned an R60/2 , R60/6 and an R100 ... then as life rolled along bikes somehow got left by the wayside until a couple of years ago I found myself a beautiful R75/5. A beautiful bike indeed however I felt the need for one more brand new modern motorcycle....something with brakes!

So I started reading about and shopping for a BMW of course. Now when I ventured into the bike shops I couldn't believe how bloody big they were. Not in engine capacity but sheer physical size. Some of them big Adventure models must be at least a metre across. No I wanted what I had back in the old days. What you young critters call 'naked bikes'. Just a straight bike without all the Christmas trees lights and dashboard thingos.

I don't need an LED display to tell me what gear I'm in. Bloody hell if you cant count to six you should buy a pushbike. So I figured just from reading the mags etc the Pure was the way to go. Just a straight bike. So I went on down to the nearest BMW dealer but he didn't have one in so I went for a ride on 700GS Adventure model. Rode it straight back. Nope get one of them Pures in mate I says. Righto he said, no obligation I'll order a new one in for you.

So I get the call and made the drive from Wagga Wagga NSW to Albury NSW ... sitting on the bike felt good and it certainly felt all bike! It was a nice fit being about 175 tall and solid build was made for me. So I turned that key on and obviously not sounding like the old bikes it did have a nice note. Then I gave it a handful ......and HOLY DOOLEY I took off like a scalded cat ! S**t this thing is fast was my first reaction ....some 'safe' voice in me said take it back you silly old bastard this bike is way out of your league ...bugga that says the other voice ..'I'll get used to it ...I think ' I mean hell your a long time dead.

So naturally I bought it and over the past few months have fallen in love with it. AND its got brakes ...a bit bloody savage them ABS when you haven't ridden with them. I love how easy it is to handle and throw into the corners ...its just 'Pure Fun'. I sat there looking at it one day and noticed these spikes under the footpeg. Must be for when i get really low on them corners ...ha ..not me I'm afraid but that is low. I'm no mechanic so I cant give any high tech run down there but that motor has been around for a long time. What a great bike. The past and present all in one bundle. It's quite simply 'pure' motorcycling.

- Denis M, 2018

BMW R nineT Pure

The first time I saw a BMW R NineT at Orlando's AIMExpo in 2014 I was taken back by the bike. I had always loved retro styling on a motorcycle but to me, this was something different. With its low tank, single-sided swingarm, and shaft drive, I was awestruck. The bike is absolutely beautiful. But I never thought I'd have a chance to ride one, let alone own one.

Fast forward to 2018 and that dream became a reality. I found myself the owner of a new BMW R NineT Pure. Everything about this bike was as I had remembered if not better. The seating position was comfortable yet, inspired "spirited" riding. The engine was torquey yet not overbearing. Just enough to squirt in and out of city traffic. And don't even get me started on the exhaust note. An electrifying little braap that doesn't make your head hurt but puts an undeniable grin on your face as you braap and pop your way around town. The bike inspires you to just etch out a few extra miles rain or shine. The styling is also a major selling point for me. It is a serious head turner from any angle. Everything about the bike just oozes class.

Modularity has always been big to me with any of my bikes. The R NineT Delivers there as well. From it's modular frame, to the plethora of aftermarket support you would be hard-pressed to not either find one or build one to match your tastes.

In short, if you are looking for the purest form of motorcycling you can find, without breaking your wallet, BMW's R NineT line up is perfect for you. I look forward to every time I throw my leg over and you definitely will too.

- Kyle P, 2018

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