Yamaha X-MAX 125 Review


Yamaha X-MAX 125

It’s everything I need from a bike with plenty of style and enough speed for my needs.

- Rating: 10 / 10
Looks, handling, brakes, storage, traction control
×Quite heavy for a 125 maxi scooter

What Is It?

The 2018 Yamaha X-MAX 125 is a premium learner friendly maxi scooter. It first launched in 2006 and is also available as a 300cc or 400cc.

Engine: 124 cc Single Cylinder, 14 bhp

Economy: 80 mpg

Range: 230 miles

Seat Height: 795 mm

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What Is It Like?

Yamaha X-MAX 125

First Impressions

I bought my brand new Yamaha X-MAX 125 on the 2nd November 2018. I've only had it a few months but love it already.

It’s everything I need from a bike with plenty of style and enough speed for my needs. It has plenty space for carrying things under the seat and I had a top box fitted too.

Yamaha X-MAX 125


I've fitted a sat nav which sits very neatly between the handlebars and has a 12V plug for charging my phone etc. The adjustable handlebars suit me as I am tall at 6'3” and I have enough leg and seat room.

Yamaha X-MAX 125


Love the red colour, the Chrome highlights and the seat is very comfortable too. I find it very reliable even in icy weather and the traction control has kicked in a few times to save me.

Yamaha X-MAX 125


The other thing I like are the clear dials, day or night and the ambient temperature ICE warning that comes on. A must for me as I use my bike all year round.

The glove compartments both sides are great for carrying smaller things and one is lockable too. I also find the side mirrors are very useful and very adjustable.

Yamaha X-MAX 125

I have not done a huge mileage on my bike yet but plan to do a few trips over the summer. I will have a better idea of the speed it does and millage per gallon once it has had its first service.

- James L, 2019

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