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Yamaha X-MAX 300 Review (2017)


Yamaha X-MAX 300

I'm amazed it handles as it does and can cruise at motorway speeds with room to spare.
- Rating: 10 / 10

What Is It?

The Yamaha X-MAX 300 is a premium learner friendly maxi scooter and is powered by a Euro 4 compliant liquid cooled 292 cc single cylinder four stroke engine, producing 27.6 bhp at 7,250 rpm and maximum torque at 5,750 rpm.


  • Seat Height: Low (795 mm / 31.3 inches)
  • Weight: Average (179 kg / 395 lbs)
  • Economy: Very good (90 mpg / 3.1 l/100km / 31.9 km/l)
  • Range: Very high (260 miles / 418 km)
  • Power to Weight: Low (0.156 bhp/kg / 0.117 kW/kg)
  • Top Speed: Average (95 mph / 153 km/h)


  • Looks great in bronze
  • Performance
  • Handling
  • Economy
  • Storage
  • Mirrors


  • High beam lacks power
  • Non-adjustable levers
  • Quite heavy

What Is It Like?

Yamaha X-MAX 300

Moving From A Bike

I have the 2017 X-MAX 300, after parting with a Suzuki Bandit 600 and have to say it's bloody amazing. The only issue I have is bikers no longer nod if they know it's a maxi scooter. From the front they can't tell though!

Yamaha X-MAX 300


It has a take off that will beat most cars and match any road bike unless flat out, with a great top end and it's superb on the motorway. I'm amazed it handles as it does and can cruise at motorway speeds with room to spare.

It's very balanced, not phased in high winds, I see 65mpg at a steady 70mph and I can still be confident to tip it over in bends to reduce my chicken strips.

Yamaha X-MAX 300


  • Traction control and ABS.
  • Keyless ignition. 
  • Great rear view mirrors that don't move or rattle.
  • Enough space under seat for two full face helmets with under seating light and toolkit.
  • Adjustable wind deflector high or low.
  • Front two compartments, one with a 12v socket.
  • Trip computer for everything.

Yamaha X-MAX 300

Any Downsides?

Only down side is Yamaha have had to change the rear brake discs twice since Nov 17 under warranty due to a slight warp. Think this is inferior steel and heating and cooling in wet weather caused mm slight warp

- Steve O, 2019

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The Second Opinion

Yamaha X-MAX 300

Yamaha X-MAX 300 2018

Tell us a bit about you

I'm a 56 year old male, 170 cm, with 35 years riding experience on a variety of bikes and just about every scooter size from 125-650 cc. Advanced rider and driver with RoSPA. I've owned about 25 bikes in all from sports tourers to scooters.

Why did you choose it?

To commute and to save money when not using my 900 sports tourer.

What is good about it?

It's an awesome scooter, the best I've owned for commuting and a small amount of touring around wales. It is hugely economical with nearly 100 mpg unless you thrash it and then you still get over 90 mpg!

The trick bits are nice and it looks lovely. Most people who ride with me cannot believe it has a 300 cc engine, it's so quick. It can cruise no problem at 70 mph but will go up to 95 mph at a squeeze. Servicing is ridiculously cheap.

What could be improved?

The LED high beam is like the proverbial chocolate teapot. It makes virtually no difference to your night view and you can hardly tell when it's switched on.

No handbrake? Why? My old majesty 400 had one, it was a bonus and even an adjustable seat pad to bring you closer to the handlebars. Like all scooters the suspension could be improved.

Any mods or upgrades?

The screen. Although I'm a small fella I've fitted the mid sized Givi upgrade which is wider and taller than the original. I can ride without a chinbar at 70 mph.

What is the economy like?

I routinely see 95-100 mpg.

How is the engine?

The engine has good power delivery that is smooth and slick. It's quick to leave others behind at the traffic lights.

How does it handle?

It handles really well, it's nimble and excellent in the town centre traffic, filtering or on the motorway.

What are the brakes like?

Not the best but adequate.

Is it comfortable?

Ok so who was the giant they modelled this bike for? I have moved the handlebar into the near position but it's still a fair reach for me. It could be easily 2-3 inches closer for maximum comfort. I took about 500 miles to get used to it with the accompanying aches and pains.

How reliable have you found it?

No problems but I'm only 3,000 miles in so far (6,000 miles on my bike).

What's the servicing frequency and cost like?

Servicing is very frugal but questionable with oil only every 3,000 miles and filter every 12,000 miles?

To Sum Up

It needs a shorter cockpit, a handbrake and definitely most of all that high beam headlight improving. Otherwise the X-MAX 300 is an absolute joy to ride and nice to look at for all those people who look on with envy.

- Andy D, 2021

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