Ducati Diavel Carbon Review

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Ducati Diavel Carbon

Looks awesome, loads of power, comfort, practicality, build quality
×Pretty expensive, economy
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What Is It?

The Ducati Diavel is a premium modern cruiser style bike which is available in a number of flavours.

Engine: 1,198 cc V-Twin, 160 bhp

Economy: 35 mpg

Range: 130 miles

Seat Height: 770 mm

Full specs, pics and prices

What Is It Like?

Ducati Diavel Carbon


The Ducati Diavel Carbon in black and red may be seen as a “Marmite Bike” and to some degree it is. The strong styling and road presence demands attention wherever you go but the bike handles deceptively well for a weight of 210 kg.


The Diavel 1200 delivers 162 hp, holding its own against most super bikes from a standing start, yet able to retain a touch of finesse, when you just want to run the country lanes at a steady pace and take in the scenery.

Around town the Diavel feels light and nimble enough for filtering, the controls are light and easy and the mirrors are functional without needing to pull elbows in to see the traffic behind.


This particular Diavel has just a few modifications / aftermarket parts, running a Werks Can, Ducati Frame Plugs and Ducati milled casing protectors. The number plate has been set back directly under the back seat showing off the beautiful rear end!

Ducati Diavel Carbon


The bike is more than capable of touring with a set of panniers on and from personal experience I have covered 560 miles in one day, achieving 151 miles to the light.


The riding position is extremely comfortable, easy on all parts of the body and a pillion can enjoy plenty of room with a spacious foot position.

- Deborah F, 2019

Ducati Diavel Carbon Deals

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2011 £7,850 £6,300 £5,500 14,500
2012 £8,700 £7,000 £6,100 12,800
2013 £9,550 £7,650 £6,700 11,000
2014 £10,450 £8,350 £7,300 9,100
2015 £11,350 £9,050 £7,950 7,000
2016 £12,200 £9,800 £8,550 4,900
2017 £13,150 £10,500 £9,200 5,100
2018 £14,050 £11,250 £9,850 3,700

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