Lexmoto Vienna 125 (2014) Real World Review


Lexmoto Vienna

I'm in love with the Vienna and although we've had a few wobbles, I can't see me letting her go anywhere for a long time to come.

- Rating: 8 / 10
Superb value for money, economical, looks great, LED indicators
×No space for a full face helmet, suspension
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What Is It?

The 2014 Lexmoto Vienna 125 is a learner friendly budget retro scooter which is also available as a 50cc with 3bhp.

Engine: 125 cc Single Cylinder, 7 bhp

Economy: 80 mpg

Range: 110 miles

Seat Height: 780 mm

What Is It Like?

Lexmoto Vienna

The Vienna

I chose Lexmoto because they offer these beautiful looking retro scooters that other brands either don't do or they do them for three times the price.

I purchased my Lexmoto Vienna on September 1st, a brand new 68 plate and picked a dealer a little further out as it was in a more scenic area so I could enjoy my rides for services. The scooter arrived and was more beautiful than the pictures on the website.

The Bar Issue

I had a pillion foot peg problem almost immediately, with the right side peg popping out on its own every now and then.

About 80 miles into my ownership I left my house and after 200 yards whilst cornering my handle bars came loose and had a lot of play. I almost soiled myself, slowed to a stop and pulled over.

A simple bolt tightened and I was back on road. I also tightened the right pillion peg and that eradicated that problem as well.

Lexmoto Vienna


The next 200 odd miles me and Aretha (yes I named her after the late soul singer) went all over the local countryside without a care in the world and I fill her once a week when she gets on the last few bars of the digital petrol gauge. It costs me about £4 to top her up.

The Coil Wire

I took her for her 1st service bang-on 311 miles and no issues arose from the service. However there was more trouble ahead, after 370 miles she started phut-phutting and died. I was devastated especially after so many friends ribbed me about getting a "cheap Chinese bike".

I rang the dealership and broke the sad news, they were awesome and collected her the next day. Her coil wire was severed, they replaced the coil and returned her the same afternoon.

Lexmoto Vienna


I have had her for 2 months now and I can honestly say I love the scooter. She's very peppy for a new scooter with only 700 miles on the clock. I have followed the run-in time advice and kept her at 6,000 revs. I'm looking forward to opening her up once I hit the 1,000 mile mark.


The scooter has good underseat storage, a nifty little glovebox near your knees, the lights are great and night riding is no problem.

I had a luggage rack and top box system fitted at time of purchase and I regularly do little shopping trips on her (the Mrs thinks I'm Deliveroo now).

Lexmoto Vienna


I've ridden in the wet and so long as you avoid drain covers and manhole covers the tyres offer good grip.

The seat is supremely comfortable and the handle bars are easily reached. I'm 6'4" tall and I have plenty of room to find a comfy riding position although I imagine I would be slightly cramped carrying a pillion.

The suspension is reasonable, I have taken in some very bumpy roads and she holds up well.

Lexmoto Vienna

To Sum Up

I love my scooter, she's cheap, nippy, convenient, easy to park, great for small shopping trips and handles very well. She has let me down, but everything deserves a second chance.

Above all else though the Vienna is beautiful, she turns heads wherever we go and is a huge conversation starter. Many bikers with much bigger and more expensive bikes come over and ask about the scooter and show genuine interest in her.

I'm in love and although we've had a few wobbles in the beginning, I can't see me letting her go anywhere for a long time to come.

- Nick S, 2018

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