Lexmoto Diablo

Lexmoto Diablo Review

What Is It?

The 2015 Lexmoto Diablo is a budget learner friendly maxi scooter with distinct Italian styling and is closely related to the Lexmoto Urban.

Engine: 125 cc Single Cylinder, 9 bhp

Economy: 90 mpg, 120 miles

Top Speed: 55 mph

Seat Height: 810 mm

Wet Weight: 110 kg

RRP: £1,800

Lexmoto Diablo For Sale

What Is It Like?

Ducati Panigale styling, lights, good brakes, nippy
× High seat, exhaust prone to rust, no glove box, won't fit a helmet

Lexmoto Diablo 125 Efi (2018)

After first seeing the Diablo in 2015, I finally decided it was time to spend some of my hard earned cash on a new scooter. I’ve had a number of different types of scooters over the years, from 50cc’s, highly tuned 125cc 2-strokes all the way up to 500cc Maxi-Scooters.

Lexmoto Diablo

What I was looking for this time round was a good looking sporty scooter, which won’t require a great amount of maintenance, isn’t too small (as I’m 6ft 4) and won’t break the bank. And after A LOT of research, I decided in September 2018 to go for the Diablo. On 1st September I picked up my new purchase, in black (they come in red or black only which is a downside for me).

Lexmoto Diablo

First ride was a short 10 mile cruise back home, thankfully the dealer gave me enough information to get me started, informing me to stick to half throttle for the first 311 miles, which would take me up to my first service - I haven’t had this advice before, when I collected my new MP3 500, they said to just ride it however! So for a 4-stroke scooter, I was a little confused.

Lexmoto Diablo

Nonetheless I stuck to the advice. My first impression was that the scooter felt like it just wanted to corner, as if it was more comfortable around corners than it was in a straight line. It felt extremely light and nimble, and also felt quite pokey for a cheap 4-stroke 125. Even for half throttle. However after around 200 miles, I did start to stretch its legs a little - the power delivery is smooth and constant, even if it does feel a little under powered, for nipping around town and the odd blast down a dual carriageway it’s more than capable.

As I clocked the miles up, the engine definitely felt more capable when I opened her up, there aren’t any flat spots, it accelerates at an excellent rate from 0-50 comfortably, with a top speed so far of 65mph (on the speedo)

Lexmoto Diablo

The Spec

For a cheap 125, sports scooter, it has a decent resume - disk brakes front and back, which are linked, fuel injection, telescopic front forks and LED Lights all round. There’s also some decent safety features which cut off the engine if you put the side stand down. The front headlights have a nice cluster of LED’s along the top which give it a Modern look, and the front styling is similar to Ducati sports bikes.

Lexmoto Diablo

The speedo and other relevant gauges are simple, easy to read, easy to change time/date etc and light up nicely at night. Storage wise, there is a helmet bay under the seat, which unfortunately won’t take my Large crash helmet, however smaller helmets may fit. It only has a small fuel tank, but it’ll take around £7, which will do around 100miles, perhaps 150miles if you ride gently.

Lexmoto Diablo

Build Quality

At the end of the day, this is a £1600 125 Euro 4 scooter - So as much as I am pleased with this, some of the components just aren’t going to be as high quality as a £4000 Honda 125. The exhaust for example, is extremely prone to rusting, which is why I immediately purchased a Stainless steel full system from Lextek. I also covered all parts of the scooter with ACF50 which should limit rusting and corrosion.

Speaking of parts, all parts for this scooter are readily available from chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.com, and parts are amazingly cheap! You could replace all the panels on this scooter for less than £200. So for maintenance it’s an excellent option.

Lexmoto Diablo


If you’re looking for a nice looking scooter, which is reliable and won’t break the bank, the Diablo is a great choice. Yes it doesn’t have the extremely high build quality of the Yamahas or Hondas. But it does have a 2 year warranty which I’ve already had to make use of as the high beam on one side headlight didn’t work, but the dealer got the replacement immediately and replaced it without any quibble.

  • Build quality - 6/10
  • Reliability and durability - 7/10
  • Price - 9/10
  • Storage - 5/10
  • Costs to repair - 8/10
  • Styling - 9/10
  • Fuel economy - 7/10
  • Handling - 8/10
  • Top speed - 6/10
  • Comfort - 6.5/10

- Gareth G, 2018

Lexmoto Diablo For Sale

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2015 £1,150 £950 £800 7,100
2016 £1,300 £1,050 £950 5,100
2017 £1,450 £1,200 £1,050 3,700
2018 £1,650 £1,300 £1,150 2,100

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