Honda NT650V Deauville Review

Honda NT650V Deauville

Loads of storage space
×Limited power for touring
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What Is It?

The 1998 Honda NT650V Deauville is a touring style bike with shaft drive and was replaced by the NT700V in 2006.

Engine: 647 cc V-Twin, 55 bhp

Economy: 45 mpg

Range: 190 miles

Seat Height: 814 mm

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What Is It Like?

I own a 2005 Honda NT650V, a bike I purchased second hand a couple of years ago, and have gained a generally positive impression of.

I say "generally" because there are a few niggling little things which take the gloss off what would otherwise be an excellent commuter and a reasonably good, though under powered, tourer. Perhaps some pros and cons would illustrate my point:


This bike being out of the Honda stable, you know you are going to get with reliability. I have a 25 mile round trip to work which I use the bike for regularly and have never had a major issue. I turn the key, hit the starter, and go. Simple as that.


Built in panniers, glove compartments (one lockable) and a gear rack with bag mean I can carry pretty much whatever I will need to. Gear for work, lunch, change of problem, it all fits.


This bike is comfortable with an upright riding position and a comfy seat for my ageing behind, which all adds up to an easy ride.

Lack Of Power

For a bike marketed as a tourer, it is slightly lacking in power. Not a problem in my case, as it is a more than capable commuter. But as a tourer...........perhaps not.

No Fuel Gauge

So you are cruising down the highway for a weekend away and wonder "How is the fuel situation?". Well, unless you are monitoring your mileage, you will have to guess I am afraid. Another odd thing on a bike marketed as a "Tourer".


The windscreen on my bike does very little to protect me from the wind, in fact it makes the issue worse than if I was on a naked bike. I am a shade under 6 foot tall and I get a lot of buffeting from the neck up. I can live with it as I am only commuting with this bike, but if I was touring an after market screen would be essential.

To Sum Up

So there you go, my thoughts on what could have been a great bike, but unfortunately has a few niggling issues. It would not stop me from buying one and I would recommend people consider one, but do your homework.

If I was to rate out of ten.........Six. It's kind of like going to the pub for a pint and a bowl of know what to expect, you enjoy it, but you wouldn't pay £25 for it!

- Andy, 2017

Honda NT650V Deauville Deals

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
1998 £1,700 £1,350 £1,200 27,700
1999 £1,700 £1,350 £1,200 27,300
2000 £1,700 £1,400 £1,200 26,800
2001 £1,750 £1,400 £1,250 26,200
2002 £1,850 £1,500 £1,300 25,600
2003 £2,000 £1,600 £1,400 24,800
2004 £2,150 £1,700 £1,500 23,900
2005 £2,250 £1,800 £1,600 23,000
2006 £2,400 £1,900 £1,650 21,900

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