Harley Davidson Street Review

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Harley Davidson Street 2016

It handles urban and country roads with ease, with a nice amount of torque, low down power and acceleration.

- Rating: 6 / 10
Quiet, small, comfy, smooth free-revving engine, really low seat
×Gearbox, mirrors, brakes, seat, no ABS

What Is It?

The 2015 Harley Davidson Street is an A2 licence friendly entry level cruiser which was joined by the upgraded Street Rod in 2017.

Engine: 749 cc V-Twin, 53 bhp

Economy: 50 mpg

Range: 140 miles

Seat Height: 710 mm

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What Is It Like?

Harley Davidson Street 2016

Harley Street XG750 2016

Having ridden a plethora of Japanese and a few American bikes over the years I do have an inherent fondness for the V-twin engine and geometry / feeling of a big cruiser.

Having said that Harley's newish liquid cooled addition to the family is an intriguing one, in that it has a bit of an identity crisis.
It's not quite a cruiser nor is it a naked sports bike of any kind, or a tracker, scrambler, retro or whatever label is floating around.

However, what it does do, is handle urban and country road riding with ease with a nice amount of torque, low down power and acceleration that is more than enough to get you out of trouble at lowish speeds.

Harley Davidson Street 2016


The engine has a good amount of torque as you would expect for a V-twin, and although its half the size of some of its siblings, it has a lot grunt and the geometry and manoeuvrability is very rideable, when dodging potholes and obstacles.

I haven’t ridden two up as yet but have loaded the XG with an inordinate amount of rally gear and it handled it beautifully, not really noticing it at motorway speeds.


On the non-ABS version they are a little spongy, but again with braided hoses maybe a little better.


As this bike was apparently designed around the streets of Mumbai, it does tell a lot about the design decisions made for this model. Although being at the bottom end of the Harley spectrum, the manufacturing quality isn’t really up to the standard one would expect, but then again neither is the price tag…

Any Downsides?

As the footpegs are kind of mid-mounted, they are great for urban riding but are a bit cramped for long motorway cruises. Forward pegs would be much more suited to any longer distance riding and if crash bars are fitted then motorway pegs are a must.


Having ridden the street on 300 mile journeys, the stock set up for me is not quite there yet. It does need a few modifications to compete with its big brothers / sisters.

The seat being my main gripe, it's just not comfy enough for long distance. The tank range is only approx 120 miles as well but by that point you will have no feeling left in your legs, backside or hands.

The stock mirrors are there for show and nothing else, unless you are about a foot wide you cant see out of them, bar end mirrors for me are a must.

To Sum Up

All in all, a very capable and extremely affordable bike that can accommodate a multitude of riding styles with a little extra tweaking.


  • Affordable
  • Torquey engine
  • Can carry a load of gear
  • Nimble for its size


  • Mirrors
  • Stock Exhaust -  needs an after market to make it sounds at least like a V-twin
  • Foot Pegs - on long journeys


  • Danmoto end can
  • S & S Air cleaner
  • Dynojet Fuel Commander
  • Bar End Mirrors

- Mark H, 2018

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The Second Opinion

Harley Street 2016 Red

What's Good?

I've had my 2016 Street for about two weeks and have just shy of 500 miles on her. My first impressions are good.

I'm short at 5ft 1ish in my boots so my main consideration was the seat height. I've struggled through the years with bikes that are low enough. All my previous bikes needed various lowering kits so when I tried the Street 750 it was a perfect fit. In fact you can lower it further but the standard fit me okay.

The riding position is very comfortable, a very neutral position unlike the 883 which I found a bit of a stretch. The speedo is very clear and the controls are simple to use.

Any Downsides?

The big con is the horrendous mirrors. Why Harley would produce a bike with such poor visibility is beyond me; all they afford is a good view of your elbows and whilst it's nice to know they are still attached it doesn't help when you have to see what's coming up behind you.

So that's the first thing I changed and added mirror extensions. I can now see better but I may need to alter again at some point.

The second con is the heat from the engine on your inner thighs whilst sitting in traffic. Being short puts your thighs within touching distance of the engine casings but this is easily remedied by changing your position whilst stationary.

There are guards you can buy from the US but I'm going to be laughing when the Winter comes and you're all freezing - I'll have my own central heating.

To Sum Up

All in all, after two weeks, I love it.

- Dizz37, 2016

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