Yamaha Xenter For Sale

The 2012 Yamaha Xenter is a premium learner friendly scooter and is powered by a 125cc single cylinder engine which puts out 12hp.

What Is It?

  • Sizeable floorboard, economical
  • No room under the seat for a helmet, no kick stand

Power is provided by a liquid cooled 125cc single cylinder four stroke engine, producing 12.3bhp at 7,500rpm and maximum torque at 7,250rpm.

Features include:

  • Automatic CVT gearbox with belt drive
  • 267mm disc up front with single piston caliper
  • 150mm drum brake at the rear
  • Unified braking system (also seen on the Tricity)
  • Fork with 100mm travel
  • Monocross rear shock with 92mm travel (same as the T-Max)
  • LCD dashboard, bag hook
  • Centre stand, electric starter
  • Fuel injection

The 5 split spoke Aluminium alloy 16" wheels take a 100/80 tyre at the front and 120/80 at the rear. There is a very small storage space under the seat, sadly not enough for a helmet, however there is also a non-lockable glove box under the dash. The unified braking system lets you apply balanced braking force front and rear using input from both levers; it basically helps to prevent the wheels locking up. Also the right lever operates only the front brake and left both.

Accessories include a tall screen (£82), medium screen (£101) and top box.

Colours: matt brown, black, white, blue, green (2019)

Did You Know?

It's also known as the HW125.

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Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2012 £1,650 £1,350 £1,200 12,500
2013 £1,650 £1,300 £1,150 10,700
2014 £1,750 £1,400 £1,250 8,900
2015 £2,100 £1,700 £1,450 7,000
2016 £2,600 £2,100 £1,800 5,100
2017 £3,250 £2,600 £2,300 3,700

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How many bikes like this are around, by year of production, including those licensed for use on the road and those off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Year On The Road Off The Road Total Around
2012 74 7 82
2013 152 10 162
2014 109 7 116
2015 35 0 35


RM/2014/038, issued 27/11/2014, 432 bikes

Under extremely bad and bumpy conditions, coupled with relatively high road speed, a potential defect with the steering under bracket stem (lower yoke) may cause it to crack and eventually break. If a break occurs, the control of the machine will be adversely affected.

  • Vehicle Ids: SE591011001 to SE591019570