Lexmoto Viper Review


Lexmoto Viper

I would recommend that any new rider try this bike and in my opinion it’s the best budget bike out there.

- Rating: 8 / 10
Value for money, brakes, funky audio system, bike bike feel, range
×Only a 5 speed gearbox, no ABS
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What Is It?

The 2017 Lexmoto Viper is a budget learner friendly naked bike which is closely related to the Euro 4 updated Lexmoto Venom.

Engine: 124 cc Single Cylinder, 11 bhp

Economy: 80 mpg

Range: 250 miles

Seat Height: 805 mm

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What Is It Like?

Lexmoto Viper

What's Good?

I’m in love with the bike and it feels like you're riding a proper adult's bike. The 14 litre tank provides more than enough range to go anywhere and it’s quick to 30 / 40 mph but then quite slow progress up to 70 mph.


The only thing I've done so far is change the mirror sticker kit.

Any Issues?

I've had two issues with it so far but they have both been fixed under warranty. The fuel sensor got stuck on full and the dash suffered condensation on the inside at the first hint of rain.

To Sum Up

I would recommend that any new rider try this bike. In my opinion it’s the best budget bike out there and I only paid £2,000 for it.

Yes it's Chinese but once you have looked at the bike you can see they have changed the game. It’s a massive improvement on the Lexmoto Venom.

- Tommy T, 2019

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Lexmoto Venom - Essentially the same bike but with smaller brakes, a standard fork, no mini-beak at the front and a 35mm lower seat although it does have crash bars around the engine.

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Check out this video from Lexmoto.