Honda VTR1000 SP1 Review

Honda VTR1000 SP1

Power, handling, looks, iconic
×Low speed fuelling, heavy

What Is It?

The Honda VTR1000 SP1 is dedicated sports bike which replaced the RVF750R RC45 sports bike.

Engine: 999 cc V-Twin, 134 bhp

Economy: 30 mpg

Range: 120 miles

Seat Height: 813 mm

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What Is It Like?

Honda VTR1000 SP1

Honda VTR 1000 / SP1 / RC51 (2001)

Having brought what is a dream bike I’m in love with it. Yes it has a few quirks and the fuel injection at low speed is bit lumpy (despite having a power commander on), it’s heavy and awkward to manoeuvre but that's about it.

When riding normally and progressing a bit she’s a lovely machine. She handles and turns well, has loads of torque so pulls easily in any gear and inspires confidence to have fun on the twisty roads.

The whine from gear driven cams and growl of the carbon cans is enough to bring a grin to your face not to mention aesthetically she’s a beautiful bike to look at.

I brought mine blind from Jem Speed in Leeds where I fell in love with her before she arrived and once I’d fitted new tyres I was even happier with her.

I’ve read other reviews by professional testers who say it’s good but not brilliant. Yes I could be inclined to agree with them but there’s something about an SP1 / 2 that has owners addicted and in love with their machines!

- Richard S, 2019

Honda VTR1000 SP1 Deals

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2000 £7,300 £5,850 £5,100 25,700
2001 £7,900 £6,350 £5,550 24,900
2002 £8,450 £6,750 £5,950 24,100
2003 £9,000 £7,200 £6,300 23,100
2004 £9,450 £7,550 £6,600 22,100
2005 £9,900 £7,900 £6,950 21,100
2006 £10,300 £8,250 £7,200 19,900
2007 £10,650 £8,500 £7,450 18,700
2008 £10,950 £8,750 £7,650 17,500

Year shows signs of appreciation

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