Honda Vision 110 Review

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Honda Vision 110

There is plenty of storage space on the scooter with increased space created between the seat and controls.

- Rating: 8 / 10
Stylish, light, compact, comfy, torquey engine, economy
×Not all helmets fit under the seat, no USB socket

What Is It?

The Honda Vision 110 is a premium learner friendly scooter which was first launched in 2011 and updated in 2017.

Engine: 108 cc Single Cylinder, 8 bhp

Economy: 90 mpg

Range: 100 miles

Seat Height: 770 mm

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What Is It Like?

Honda Vision 110

Choosing It

I had not ridden for a number of years and wanted a scooter that was suitable for shopping trips and was quick enough to give me an enjoyable experience riding the quiet country lanes in North-East Leicestershire. The Vision is very satisfactory on both counts.


There is plenty of storage space on the scooter with increased space created between the seat and controls, but you can’t rely on the under seat storage area to store all full face or open helmets.


Although the scooter is mainly designed for pootling around town I use it mainly for travelling to towns and cities which are 10-20 miles away. It is quite happy running between 40-55 mph and has no problem keeping up with traffic on minor ‘A’ roads.


If I did have some reservations before purchasing it, as to whether it could cope with the hills in the area. With the ‘torquey’ engine it has no difficulty coping with the hills at 40 mph.


As I spend most of the time riding the scooter in the country I rarely use the stop / start facility but when I do I find it very responsive when it comes to pulling away from a junction. Economy is around 120 mpg for use around the country .

- Graham L, 2019

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