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Zero SR/S
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Current Prices: £21,500–£14,600
Insurance Costs: 9 / 10


  • Seat Height: Low (787 mm / 31.0 inches)
  • Weight: Heavy (229 kg / 505 lbs)
  • Battery Capacity: 14.4 kWh
  • Range: Average (100 miles / 161 km)
  • Charge Time: Slow (4.5 hours) Fast (1.5 hours)
  • Top Speed: High (125 mph / 201 km/h)
  • Power: Continuous (40.0 kW / 53.6 bhp) Peak (82.0 kW / 110.0 bhp)
  • Power to Weight: Average (0.480 bhp/kg / 0.358 kW/kg)
  • Launch RRP: £19,600

For Sale (8)

  • 2022 ZERO SR/S PREMIUM ZF15.6+
    £18,995 🤍
    • 2022
    • Edinburgh(Map)
    • ebay
  • 2020 ZERO SR/S ZF14.4 PREMIUM
    £12,994 🤍
    • 2020
    • Bristol(Map)
    • ebay
  • 2022 ZERO SR/S PREMIUM ZF 15.6
    £21,590 🤍
    • £90 Over Guide Price
    • 2022
    • Bristol(Map)
    • ebay
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Review In A Few


  • Most of the weight is low down in the battery and motor
  • Instant torque off the bat
  • Running costs
  • Minimal noise
  • Comfort
  • Storage


  • Range when going for it or when cold
  • Cars can't hear you coming
  • Non-LED indicators
  • Expensive new
  • Rear brake

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What Is It?

The Zero SR/S is a premium sports tourer and is powered by an air-cooled Z-Force 75-10 motor, which is the round orange bit just behind the massive battery, producing 110 bhp peak power and 53.6 bhp continuous power at 5,000 rpm.

The "10" in the name stands for the larger 10 cm rotor (7 cm on the previous Zero models) and as with most electric bikes peak torque is achieved almost instantly.

Features include:

  • Belt final drive
  • Steel tubular frame with Aluminium swingarm
  • Dual 320 mm discs up front with J-Juan four piston calipers
  • 240 mm disc at the rear with J-Juan single piston caliper
  • Bosch cornering ABS and traction control system
  • Braided hoses
  • Adjustable 43 mm Showa SFF-BP fork with 120 mm travel
  • Adjustable 40 mm Showa shock with 140 mm travel
  • Power / re-gen braking modes: Eco, Rain, Street, Sport, Custom
  • Colour TFT dash with connectivity
  • LED lighting all round
  • Cruise control

Zero's SR/S is essentially the California designed and built SR/F but with a fairing, new softer suspension, larger pillion seat, cool mirrors, lower pegs and higher bars but with 9 kg added to the weight. It's claimed to have 13% more range but only if you are tucked in behind the screen all the time.

For £2,000 extra the Premium edition gets you a fly screen, heated grips, bar ends and the 6 kW on board charging system. It weighs 5 kg more however it's worth noting that the fast charging system is normally £2,640 extra. All together that's £21,590 for the fast charging model plus cable to plug it in but you do save a bit with the Government's electric vehicle grant.

All of that is important because in Standard trim and using the UK charging cable the battery charges to 100% in a hefty 4.5 hours but in Premium trim this can drop to 2.5 hours if you are using fast public charging points or have one specially installed at home. For piece of mind you also get a five year warranty on the ZF14.4 Li-Ion battery.

The party piece, seen on and loved by owners of the Honda NC series, is the Frunk with dual USB chargers. That's a handy storage space where the fuel tank would usually be, although there's a good chance you will end up filling much of it with the charging cable.

The bike is connected to the internet and the associated app is worth a mention because it includes some cool features like tracking the bike's location, setting times to charge so you can take advantage of off-peak tariffs and alerts to your phone when it reaches a desired level of charge.

The 10-spoke 17" wheels take a Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 120/70 tyre at the front and a 180/55 at the rear.

Accessories include the 770 mm low seat, 810 mm high seat, fly screen, heated grips, Aluminium bar ends, panniers and 3.6 kWh PowerTank extra battery which fits in the storage area.

2020-2021: Grey, blue

Did You Know?

The cooling fins on the battery and motor not only look cool but are part of the thermal design. The motor gets hot when it's powering the bike so the fins are front to back, while the battery gets hot when charging so they are bottom to top.

Model History & Updates

2022: New ZF14.4+ Li-Ion battery with 15.6 kWh and 17.3 kWh over the air upgrade potential. The premium edition already has the 15.6 kWh step.

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