Vespa GTS300

Vespa GTS300 Review

What Is It?

The Vespa GTS300 is an A2 licence friendly retro scooter and was first released in 2008 with a major update in 2015. It's also available as a learner friendly 125cc model with 15bhp.

Engine: 278 cc Single Cylinder, 21 bhp

Economy: 65 mpg, 140 miles

Seat Height: 790 mm

Wet Weight: 158 kg

Top Speed: 82 mph

RRP: £4,700

Vespa GTS300 For Sale

What Is It Like?

Looks, performance, comfort, handling
× Underseat storage, small wheels, top speed, check for rust

Vespa GTS300

Vespa GTS 300 HPE

I have been riding Vespas for 35 years for pleasure and commuting. I have lost count how many scooters I have owned in this time, but this is my 5th Vespa GTS with a mixture of 250cc -300cc. I picked up my white GTS HPE from Dyrons in Leeds (fab staff and shop).

The ride back home to York, about 15 miles, could not have been more enjoyable. The smile on my face got bigger and bigger and if I wasn’t committed to a prior engagement I don’t think that I would have stopped riding it until it was empty.

This scooter is fantastic - from the instant response from the throttle no matter what speed range (it’s like it’s got a turbo) straight up to the limiter at 90mph on the speedo.

Vespa GTS300

Vespa claim a 12% power increase but feels a lot more. The handling is great, with no 30mph speed wobble like its predecessors, it takes pot holes in its stride, the tyres hold the road around corners at any speed and if you need a little help from the ABS and traction control they’re spot on.

It’s got a new front end which includes a new horn casting, which is a 946 lookalike, smaller mirrors but still do the job, a totally new engine (HPE) which stands for high performance engine, it sounds different to the old engine and runs so smooth. The seat is comfy so I am looking forward to the long summer rides and the under seat compartment holds an open face helmet with room for gloves and scarves. Inside the tool box it has a USB point which will come in handy for charging my phone.

Vespa GTS300

The only negative I have (yes there is one) is that the fuel tank is smaller at 7 litres. The old models were bigger but I am getting 115 miles to a full tank.

I have covered 500 miles now and overall this scooter, in my eyes, takes over from its predecessors - the (Mods) rally 200 & (scooter boys) favourite P200. I think it’s the best Vespa scooter out there! Well done Piaggio.

- Gary WB, 2019

Vespa GTS300 For Sale

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2008 £2,350 £1,900 £1,650 18,500
2009 £2,350 £1,900 £1,650 17,100
2010 £2,500 £2,000 £1,750 15,600
2011 £2,600 £2,100 £1,850 14,100
2012 £2,800 £2,250 £1,950 12,500
2013 £3,000 £2,400 £2,100 10,800
2014 £3,250 £2,600 £2,250 9,000
2015 £3,500 £2,800 £2,450 7,100
2016 £3,800 £3,050 £2,650 5,100
2017 £4,150 £3,300 £2,900 3,700
2018 £4,500 £3,600 £3,150 2,100
2019 £5,000 £4,050 £3,550 800

How Does It Compare?

The Second Opinion

Vespa GTS300

The Vespa GTS300 is a great all round scooter with comfort, reliability and also economy. Some say the biggest problem is the rust factor, but for me personally I've not had this problem. I've had a 2007 model and a 2015 model with no rust issues at all, so mine must have been a Monday morning shift on the paintwork rather than a Friday afternoon lol!

Then there is the "death wobble". You may wonder what that is, well it's a wake up call riding at low speed when you feel the handlebars shaking violently!!!! I did have that on my 2007 model but not on my 2015 model and I noticed a different set up on the front shock absorber which must have fixed the issue.

Vespa GTS300

Storage is quite good under the seat, but there is only a couple of open face helmets that will fit under the seat, so ask about which will fit. Comfort wise myself and the wife can ride all day long on the GTS with no issues at all. It is effortless riding and great power delivery.

I would recommend a GTS to any one, but make sure you have a good look underneath for the dreaded rust, especially by the battery tray and the seems along the front. I hope this helps any one wanting to buy one.

- Martin R, 2019

More Vespa GTS300 Reviews

The 2017 Vespa GTS 300 Super is a practical, reliable vehicle with classic Italian style. I must confess when it comes to scooters my opinion is a little divided. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do very much but quite often I feel that they could offer a bit more for the price (Many do seem overpriced for what you do/don’t get).

Vespa GTS300

The GTS 300 really stood out for me firstly because of its price at around £5,000 for the Super I feel it represents quite reasonable value for money. The second reason it stood out is the classic Italian style. Now I’m not necessarily against the sporty styling of most modern scooters (some look quite good) but some of the essence of what a proper scooter is seems to be lost in them. The Vespa by contrast is true to its roots giving it an appearance of pure style and sophistication.

While the styling is unmistakably classic the engine is modern and up to date. The Euro 4 compliant 278cc liquid cooled engine produces 22bhp and 22.3nm of torque, more than enough to propel the scoot to around 85mph with a comfortable cruising speed of around 70-75mph.

The Vespa isn’t without modern safety features either. Featuring both ABS and traction control alongside an upgraded front suspension fork with a two-way pivot. The uprated front suspension makes a noticeable difference to the handling when compared to the older 250cc model.

Vespa GTS300

When riding along I felt quite at home on the GTS, the seat is very comfortable and there is plenty of leg room even if you’re a bit on the tall side. There was something of a grown up feel to the Vespa as well compared to other scooters I have owned/ridden. I found the power to be quite acceptable and breaking reassuring enough. Town and twisty country lane riding is a pleasure and while the fuel tank is quite small I got the feeling that long journeys would be entirely possible and comfortable on this scoot.

It would of course be a sin to talk about a scooter without mentioning storage. The Vespa features under seat storage (as you would expect) but this isn’t the biggest space in the world only having room for an open face helmet at best, however it’s still big enough to carry your bag and some other bits. There is also a glove box which again is a bit small, mostly due to the radiator and fuse box but you do get a USB charging point so that’s a plus. A bag/helmet hook can also be found at the front of the bike which is sturdy enough as long as you don’t hang anything too heavy from it. Finally, there is also a fairly sturdy rear rack to which you can strap a decent size bag or fit a top box (an official colour matched Vespa one is available).

Vespa GTS300

Body work wise the Vespa is mostly metal apart from a few small plastic bits. This means it is quite solid however keep an eye on the bottom front panel behind the wheel as this is a known rust point. Overall build quality in my opinion is very good.

Overall I was impressed by the Vespa its style, comfort and surprisingly good handling along with its reasonable price tag make it a good option for someone looking for a daily commuter that has enough power to take on the odd longer journey at the weekend. I also love the fact that it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is, a scooter and a good one at that.

- A Very British Biker, 2017