Suzuki GSX1400

Suzuki GSX1400 Review

What Is It?

The 2001 Suzuki GSX1400 is a naked bike famous for providing loads of low down torque.

Engine: 1,402 cc Inline Four, 106 bhp

Economy: 40 mpg, 190 miles

Seat Height: 790 mm

Dry Weight: 226 kg

RRP: £6,500

Suzuki GSX1400 For Sale

The Review

Loads of low down torque, comfy riding position
× On the heavy and large end of the scale, runs out of power at the top end

It was January 2016 and I had a WhatsApp message from a friend that I hadn’t seen for a good 5 years. It was a picture of a black Suzuki GSX 1400 that he was selling, he asked if I knew of anyone that was interested in the bike it is a K2 model with 11,000 miles on it with 3 previous owners.

Suzuki GSX1400

It turned out that he had bought the bike from someone who travelled around Europe on it, then sold it to an older gent, then bought it back a few years later because the older gent hung his leathers up due to old age.

Suzuki GSX1400

I said I would ask about to see if anyone was interested then the next day I happened to open the WhatsApp picture up on my pc and it was in greater detail and I thought my god that’s in good nick so I got back in touch and went to see the bike and bought it there and then. I wasn’t expecting too much because I already owned a Suzuki B-King but boy I was wrong. This bike is a dream. It has so much grunt on tap and with its 6 speed gearbox (all the other big retro’s have a 5 speed) it’s a fabulous mile muncher and comfy with it.

Suzuki GSX1400

Handling is surefooted but can get a bit loose when really pushing on but hey it’s not a race rep and brakes are good but need maintaining being Tokico 6 pots. It’s the best bike I’ve had for carrying a pillion by a country mile due to the upright riding position and the big seat and it’s fair to say it’s the bike I’ve used the most since I have bought it, my ZRX 1100 and Zephyr 1100 don’t get used as much as they used to and I would recommend one to anyone just go and have a test ride on one if you are looking for a retro bike, mine’s a keeper for sure!

- farmersti, 2017

Price Guide

Year Dealer Private Part Ex Mileage
2001 £3,950 £3,150 £2,750 16,300
2002 £4,000 £3,200 £2,800 15,800
2003 £4,050 £3,250 £2,850 15,300
2004 £4,250 £3,400 £3,000 14,600
2005 £4,500 £3,600 £3,150 14,000
2006 £4,800 £3,850 £3,400 13,200
2007 £5,250 £4,200 £3,650 12,500
2008 £5,700 £4,550 £4,000 11,600

Year shows signs of appreciation

Suzuki GSX1400 For Sale

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