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Horwin SK3
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  • Seat Height: Low (775 mm / 30.5 inches)
  • Weight: Light (115 kg / 254 lbs)
  • Battery Capacity: 2.6 kWh
  • Range: Low (50 miles / 80 km)
  • Charge Time: Slow (4.5 hours)
  • Top Speed: Low (56 mph / 90 km/h)
  • Power: Continuous (3.1 kW / 4.2 bhp) Peak (6.2 kW / 8.3 bhp)
  • Power to Weight: Low (0.070 bhp/kg / 0.052 kW/kg)
  • Launch RRP: £3,400

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Gear & Accessories

Review In A Few


  • Stylish modern design
  • Loads of tech
  • Lights
  • Dash


  • Range (with one battery)
  • Suspension
  • Top speed
  • Storage

What Is It?

The Horwin SK3 is a premium maxi scooter with modern styling and is powered by an electric motor which puts out 8.3 bhp / 6.2 kW at 6,365 rpm.

Features include:

  • Chain final drive
  • Steel tubular frame
  • 190 mm disc at the rear with single piston caliper
  • Combined braking system
  • Standard fork
  • Dual rear shocks
  • TFT dash with connectivity
  • Power modes: 30 mph, 45 mph, full
  • Side and centre stand
  • Flip out pillion pegs
  • Removable 72 V 36 Ah Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion battery

The SK3 is essentially the maxi scooter version of the EK3 step-through scooter, with a larger rear wheel and a modern edgy design.

Equipment is pretty good with LED lighting all round, keyless ignition, cruise control, regenerative braking and an alarm. For storage there's a large glovebox with USB port, the usual underseat helmet space and a bag hook on the steering column.

The second 36 Ah battery almost doubles the range but it eats into the storage space, leaving only enough for the 8 A charger. With only one battery there's just enough room for an open face helmet and the onboard charging port is just below the seat.

The 10-spoke 14" front wheel takes a vacuum 110/70 tyre and the rear 14" a 120/70.

Accessories include the second 36 Ah battery (£1,000), luggage rack and tall screen.

Colours: Black, grey, blue

It should hit the dealers July 2022

Did You Know?

The battery features all the charge protection you would expect, has a two year warranty and is good for 1,000 charging cycles. The bike itself has a 3 year warranty.

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