Suzuki GSX-R1000R For Sale

The 2017 GSX-R1000R is a premium track focused sports bike and is powered by a 1,000cc inline four engine which puts out 199bhp. It builds on the base GSX-R1000 with fancy suspension and a few other shiny bits.

Suzuki GSX-R1000R

What Is It?

It's powered by a Euro 4 compliant liquid cooled 999.8cc inline four cylinder engine, producing 199.2bhp at 13,200rpm and maximum torque at 10,800rpm.

Features include:

  • New Aluminium frame
  • Dual 320mm discs up front with Brembo 2 piston monobloc calipers
  • 220mm disc at the rear with Nissin single piston caliper
  • Adjustable Showa racing Balance Free Front (BFF) fork
  • Adjustable Showa Balance Free Rear Cushion (BFRC) shock
  • Assist and slipper clutch
  • Traction control with 10 levels (changeable when throttle closed)
  • Cornering ABS with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Anti-stoppie system, electronic steering damper
  • Three ride modes
  • One click easy start system and low RPM assist
  • 4->2->1 exhaust system with Titanium muffler
  • LED lighting all round
  • Adjustable levers and 6 speed gearbox

The limited production run builds on the £2,850 cheaper GSX-R1000 with fancy Showa suspension, a bi-directional quickshifter, launch control system (from the left handlebar), lightweight upper triple clamp and light weight battery. There are also some cosmetic details such as the LCD dash being inverted with a cool black face (check the pics) and LED position lights but it's 1kg heavier.

Compared to the previous generation the new engine increases power at the top end without sacrificing anything lower down over the old model, has a red line 1,000rpm higher at 14,500rpm and makes 16bhp more almost 2,000rpm higher up the range. New parts include electronic throttle bodies, ride by wire, MotoGP derived 6g lighter DLC coated finger follower tappets rather than bucket tappets and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to increase high end power without sacrificing the low end. 

Suzuki's implementation of VVT is simple but effective, using 12 Steel balls in slanted grooves within the intake cam sprocket and centrifugal force to shift them at high rpms - check the pics above. It's quite different to the more complex VTEC system found in the Honda VFR series.

Suzuki have also now removed the balancer shaft, but added new Titanium exhaust valves, high-rpm operated top feed injectors and dual stage intakes into the new design; basically as you near the top end the engine re-configures for maximum power and goes a bit nuts. To keep everything cool there's an extra fan behind the curved radiator.

To help make the bike more compact the new engine is almost 7mm narrower and 22mm shorter, partly because the cylinder head angle is now angled 6° more backwards. Being shorter it can sit nearer the front wheel, helping front end feel and the 16mm narrower fairing obviously helps on the aerodynamics front. The fuel tank is even 21mm lower at the top so you can tuck in more.

Elsewhere the dash is now mostly LCD, with 6 brightness levels and the shift light centred at the top. It now shows the status of all the electronic systems including the quickshifter and launch control. The new 6-spoke 17" cast Aluminium wheels take a 120/70 Bridgestone Battlax Street RS10 tyre at the front and 190/55 at the rear.

  • 2017: Blue/yellow/black (gold fork), black/blue (blue wheels/fork)
  • 2018-2019: Black/grey, black/blue, white/blue, MotoGP Race Rep Blue

2018: £20,000 Buildbase limited edition launched with only 50 units worldwide. It gets a special blue/red/black colour scheme to honour some of the riders in the 2018 Superbike Championship, pillion seat cowl, Yoshimura exhaust (track only), smoked double bubble screen, upgraded levers, paddock stand and a few other track focused accessories. Check the pics above.

2019: Adjustable swingarm pivot, Steel braided brake lines, new black heat shield on exhaust and tyres upgraded to Bridgestone RS11s.

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