Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously at The Bike Market which is why will never ask you to go through the faff of registering any personal details with us. We do however have some systems in place to help us run the site which are described below:

Who Are We?

We are a small Peterborough based UK business called The Bike Market Ltd (Company Number 10353652) who run this website. You can read more about us and the team here and we love to hear feedback about the site if you have any. 


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are short items of data that are stored in your browser and sent back to the website that stored them there. They can be used by websites to remember actions you have previously performed. Most websites use a variety of cookies to make your life easier, for instance remembering preferences between visits so you do't have to enter them every single time you visit. Others help us to understand how our site is being used like the Google Analytics cookie mentioned below.

Our website uses only the cookies described in the following.

Google Analytics

This system, provided by Google, uses two cookies (_gid and _ga) to anonymously track use of the site. This anonymous data is then aggregated up to a higher level and presented to us in a series of reports which help us understand things like how people found our site in the first place, which pages are being viewed the most and which countries people are using the site in.

It's all very high level, completely anonymous and simply helps us to improve the website by understanding how it is being used month to month. We sometimes share these reports with advertisers and partners to help them understand traffic levels across the site.

Google AdSense

This system, again provided by Google, allows us to show one square advert on our model pages, near the used price guide information and it uses one cookie (_gads) to store some anonymous information on your computer. Google uses this information to serve adverts it thinks are most relevant to you and if you click on them we make a very small amount of money to help run the site.

Most of the websites on the internet use the system as well which is why some adverts might appear to "follow you" around from site to site. We try to keep the number of adverts on a page to the bare minimum to reduce any possible annoyance and you can download a piece of software for Windows/Mac called an Advert Blocker which strips them out of the page on every site you visit.

Superbike Loans

Our model pages also feature a loans widget from Superbike Loans and their Privacy Policy can be found here. This widget is served from their website and simply included in our pages at the last minute before you see it in your browser. The widget asks a few anonymous questions about loan amount, loan term and credit status then optionally sends this information as an anonymous lead to Superbike Loans if you click on the Apply Now button.

It's a simple way of telling how much a bike loan might cost you per month and of handing you over to them anonymously if you want to enquire further.

Questions and Complaints

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or wish to register a complaint please get in touch: