Vespa V-Stripe Helmets

Vespa V-Stripe Helmets - White

Vespa have announced 5 new V-Stripe helmets available in white, black and the more vibrant blue, red and yellow colour schemes. The XS to XL sizes retail at £140.

Vespa V-Stripe Helmets Black

All of the demi-jet helmets feature the Vespa logo in purple, the italian flag on the side and being smaller than full face helmets should easily fit into most scooter underseat storage spaces. Some scooters struggle to fit larger full face helmets under the seat so it's always a good idea to check your size fits before buying!

Vespa V-Stripe Helmets Red

The design includes an ABS shells, quick release strap, breathable hypoallergenic lining and three flavours of visor including shorter and longer shapes.

Vespa V-Stripe Helmets Blue