Polishing and Waxing

Motorbike Detailing

We've all heard of polishing and waxing before but what does each step accomplish and what order are you supposed to do them in? Here we have a quick look at the options and how to use them.

How to Detail a Motorbike

  1. The Two Bucket Rule
  2. Hand Washing
  3. Snow Foam
  4. Cloth, Sponge Or Mitt
  5. Detailing Brushes
  6. The Rinse
  7. Drying
  8. The Clay Bar
  9. Polishing and Waxing
  10. General Protection
  11. Specialist Protection
  12. Chain Maintenance

Applying Polish and Wax

Polish is usually a liquid but wax can be bought in traditional solid form or more modern liquid form (shake well). The liquid variety is usually synthetic and tends to be applied with foam applicator pads then wiped off with a handful of micro fibre cloths.

So first up is the polish to buff out any really minor imperfections in the paint layer with liquid polish and a microfiber cloth. Once you've achieved a perfect finish you need to add a layer of cheaper wax on top to protect that perfect finish from the environment. Note that many modern bikes and scooters, particularly in black, have a mix of gloss and matt paint finishes to create what we like to call "The Batman Effect" so take care to only polish the shiny bits!

If you check out one detailing video make sure it's this one from TwoWheelObsession:

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Liquid Wax