Motorbike Detailing

Motorbike Detailing

So what is motorbike detailing? Quite simply it's cleaning and polishing taken to the extreme with multiple time consuming steps and dedicated products, each of which is designed to thoroughly clean, to make each part super shiny or to protect the end result from the elements.

Following these tips you can:

  • Remove all the bugs, salt and road grime from your bike
  • Give it a good clean without ruining the paintwork
  • Make sure there are no nasty detergent residues left on it
  • Protect the end result

How to Detail a Motorbike

  1. The Two Bucket Rule
  2. Hand Washing
  3. Snow Foam
  4. Cloth, Sponge Or Mitt
  5. Detailing Brushes
  6. The Rinse
  7. Drying
  8. The Clay Bar
  9. Polishing and Waxing
  10. General Protection
  11. Specialist Protection
  12. Chain Maintenance