The Rinse

After washing your bike it's important to get all the detergent residue off so it doesn't damage the paint or look all spotty. We have a quick look at the various methods you can use.

Rinsing The Bike

Next up it's a good idea to give the bike a really good rinse with just clean water from a hose, watering can or pressure washer, just to make sure all the soap has been rinsed off before the next stage. If you are using a pressure washer make sure it has a suitable attachment and/or pressure control otherwise it could end up being too much force over too small an area which can start to damage the exterior finish or delicate bits over time.

What is a pressure washer? It's a large tank of water or a connection to the mains water, which is then pumped at a certain rate by a mechanical or electric pump into a lance. At the tip of the lance is usually an interchangeable nozzle which restricts the flow and shapes it in a certain way so that the pressure from the pump is massively increased and the flow is shaped as either a wide blade or one very precise stream of water.

A high pressure stream of water is super effective at removing surface dirt from a bike but with too much pressure and / or if the stream is too tightly focused then it can easily strip the paint itself, bend cooling fins or destroy the delicate electronic bits! They vary massively in price, power, nozzles and flow control. Check out this awesome video from The Workshop for more info:

Motorbike Detailing Stages

Pressure Washers