Cloth, Sponge Or Wash Mitt

Should you use a cloth, sponge or wash mitt to clean your bike? Believe it or not there is a big difference and they potentially all have their place in the detailing regime.

Sponge Or Mitt?

For washing you want to be using a sponge or wash mitt for the general bike bits and perhaps specialist detailing brushes for the fiddly bits. Cloths are generally for drying and polishing later on. Everyone is familiar with sponges so what's a wash mitt?

It's a big open glove which has a special cleaning surface on one face and it's generally made of something soft like micro fibre or if you're feeling fancy lambs wool. They are way more expensive than sponges but due to the airy fibre like structure of the material the cleaning surface has a much larger surface area with which to trap the dirt / grit currently on the bike's surface. They are also a lot more flexible and adapt to the changing surfaces of the bike as your hand does.

That means more dirt goes from the bike into the second bucket, you clean it quicker and there's less chance of ruining the finish with those circular swirls in the paint work. Speaking of which try to glide in straight lines rather than circles to reduce the chances even more. Check out this video from Hotchkiss Performance for a very in depth analysis:

Motorbike Detailing Stages

Wash Mitts