Snow Foam

Snow foam is a relatively new way to deep clean your bike using a pressure washer. Here we have a look at what it is and where it fits into the detailing regime.

How To Use Snow Foam

Snow foam is where things get serious. You'll need a snow foam "lance", sometimes also referred to as a foam cannon, a pressure washer to connect it to and your snow foam liquid of choice. Like standard motorbike shampoo there are loads to choose from. For advice on which are actually the best ask Petrolhead Detailing - they really know their stuff.

The foam goes into the bottle attached to the lance, which is just a solid tube the bottle can be mounted to, then when the water is pumped through from the washer it mixes with the foam liquid and is then pushed through a fine nozzle at the end, causing it to turn into a flurry of what looks like snow.

The snow foam hits the bike and sticks to it in a thick layer which means the detergent in the foam ends up in more consistent contact with the bike's surfaces. It's also in contact longer versus watery suds dripping off from a sponge so the cleaning action is more effective. Plugging up the exhaust with a rolled up rag is a good idea before you get started.

If you have the setup to make it snow it's the pre-wash step before the two bucket rule. Simply spray it on, let it soak for a bit and then get busy with the buckets. Check out this demo from DukeOfDC:

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Snow Foam Lances